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About Blush Blush - Looking for Anime Game Actors

The story of Blush Blush takes place in a semi-fantastic world - it's narrative runs on "anime logic" quite a bit. The plot revolves around an "incident" wherein the main player character accidentally curses 12 boys. Most of them respond to this tragedy like it's a major inconvenience, but otherwise continue on with their lives. Note: Each boy is transformed in a way that will require the Actor to perform in a different way for comedic effect, so there will be 2 performances required with each role.

The main player must search out the 12 boys he/she has cursed, and only a "kiss of true love" can save them. So basically they have to take the boys on dates and fall in love with them.

It's full of comedy and witty one-liners, from the developers of Crush Crush - we're really excited to release our boy date-sim early in 2019. Please note, this is a dating game so there will be the full gamut of cute to sexy dialogue. We will have adult themes in some versions of our games, therefore we ask that only actors who are 18 and older apply. While the theme of the game is very lighthearted and fun, you must be comfortable with delivering mature and sometimes risqué dialogue. We can provide examples if you are unsure, or you can check out our other game, Crush Crush, on Steam.

Please post your submissions here. For the actors we end up going with; we will email you at the end of January asking for the following info: Your full name (and nickname if you’d like) /  Email address  / Price quote for what you charge  /  Any links to demo reels or past experience.

If chosen, you will be emailed a contract with details of how many lines we need and how compensation will work. We’re a small studio making free games in our personal time, so we can’t promise big studio prices but we’ll work with you to find something you’re comfortable with. We are looking to voice our characters with 'reaction sounds' mixed with spoken lines, similar to the way 'Dream Daddy' had their voiceovers. The amount of sounds/lines per character is about 100 (or 200 words). There are plans to include many of the same characters in another game we’re developing (Hush Hush), so future opportunities to do more voice work will be a possibility.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold