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About Anthologies of Ullord: The Spiritual Nomad 1: Inspiration

This will be another audio project that was adapted solely from a script. We encourage everybody to look into our completed works and our writing style to get an idea of what we are looking for and to see if what we cover in our writing is for you. We hope to have another fast turnaround on the project of a little over a month if possible. It will be released on Sound Cloud as our others had been.

Plot: Aettus, a dragon and druid from the Rain Peaks Mountains and Lucio “Spellweaver” Brinewillow, a wandering consecrated bard, journey to the Nerinus druid domain. 

Aettus is seeking inspiration for his life and his future. He wants to be closer to the gods by walking where they and their descendants walked. He hopes that this pilgrimage will serve him well for his expansive life as a dragon. He started his wanderings because of the life progress his siblings had made while he was alone and solely serving the nature goddess as a druid.

Lucio, a wanderer and a performer, travels with anybody who he considers good company. Lucio, an introvert, journeys constantly to avoid his consecrated status (i.e. divinity in mortal form) from drawing too much attention to him. He avoids intimacy and keeps most relationships superficial.

Having nowhere more pressing to go, Lucio accompanies Aettus on journey across Ullord, starting with the druid territories. Both seek answers to many of life’s questions.

Aettus appears in the novellas "Lord of the Mountain" and "Lords and Lore". He is a younger brother of the main character, Alaric.

Lucio pops up in various works, especially those that are centered on bards, the goddess of arts and wood elves.

Notes for actors considering our projects:

  • Our works are all original projects. They are set in a universe of our creation and we write and design each character.
  • We have a vested interest in projects reaching completion. These are our literary intellectual property babies and we want them to grow up and become a full-length audio work.
  • Remember that some actors are here for fun. Some are here to see what voice acting is about. Some are here to build a professional portfolio they can reference for acting jobs. For the latter category, in our credits, your credited name should be your real name, your stage name or your casting call club handle. We want actors who are here to showcase their talents for future hirers to comfortably put their name next to yours in the credits.
  • We assume your final audition audio on the closing date of a project is your best audio, so only put your best audio forward. Echoes, reverb and other microphone and recording problems will count against you during casting deliberations.
  • Be prepared to commit to a project no matter how long or short of a commitment it is.
  • We expect you to monitor your casting call club account or the email attached to the account so you can be kept up-to-date on project progress and developments.
  • If you are cast, please do not clean up your audio or add any effects. The audio engineer will do that. (Clean up static to your heart's content!)
  • We expect you to meet and respect deadlines.
  • If you are not cast, do not feel discouraged! You may simply not be what a particular casting director is looking for in that moment for that character.
  • If you auditioned for a previous project, you may of course audition again for any new projects. This is regardless of if you were cast or not. We will cast the same person in multiple projects so long as they are what we are looking for in characters in the project. As a rare, but not impossible rule of thumb, if we know a project is opening soon in which one of your past character roles plays a part, we may ask you to reprise that role. 
  • You may audition for any number of roles that your voice can comfortably handle.
  • You may want to consider listening to our previous works, to get an idea of what sort of sound we're looking for as well as to get an idea of what kind of stories we write, to make sure it's a fit for you as an actor. While we write PG and PG-13 works, there's still a chance that you may be uncomfortable with some of the things that could be present.
  • If you are cast, you will be given access to a collaboration page. There, a form letter will be pasted with a lot of relevant information in it. That includes due dates and the link to the project and any pronouncer audio.
  • If you are cast and are having trouble with something or anything, please let us know. It doesn’t matter if you’re stumbling over a tongue-twister of a phrase, if you need vocal rest, or if you need more direction…we are here to help! We benefit from helping you to be the best you can be because then our project becomes the best it can be.
  • After receiving all of your lines and we are certain that none need re-recorded, we will pay you the listed amount via paypal.
  • After the project is compiled with background noises, music and put in order, we leave recommendations with a link to the project so you can list it under your previous works.
  • We believe in a positive and supportive working environment. Even though this is across the internet instead of actors having an hour in a recording studio, we still do our best to maintain that. With this in mind, how you behave and interact with us will be mirrored.
  • If you would prefer to send us audio scene by scene in a multi-scene work, feel free.
  • This is our way of testing the water for doing longer works. We do want to eventually do long literary works as voice works. If this gets enough positive attention and actors can remain dedicated to large parts, the long literary works will soon follow.
  • We encourage transparency and we believe in it wholeheartedly. If you have questions about a role, a project, us, our writing in general, we encourage you to ask.
  • Lastly, we [professionally] love our actors. And we show them the utmost respect and consideration. Actors take time out of their schedules to read as our literature characters and we appreciate that. We also do our best to show that however we can with supporting their endeavors and passing on comments and feedback others give us regarding the project or their character’s performance.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold