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About Phantasmal Bard Studios

We are formerly known as "Anthologies of Ullord"--which is one of our various series.

We are Nikki Flynn, Edwin Dantes & Deidra Lynne Page- all of us are writers and we wear various hats for our productions.

What are we on here for?
We make audio fiction. This means that we pay voice actors to portray our characters, then we combine all of the voice actors' lines, sound effects and backing music to make an episode.

As always: Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about us, what we do, if you've been cast and would like additional help or clarification.

About our projects
Everything of ours is original.
We WILL NOT under any circumstances cast before a call has ended. 
We welcome actors we have worked with before and those who have not to audition for our projects.
When it is a paid project, we pay via PayPal after all lines have been submitted and no additional takes are needed.
We pay promptly.
We encourage transparency.
The important details are on the project pages for each casting call.
You are free to ask us about anything relevant to the call or a particular character at any time.
We do not give feedback while a call is still open or while casting is still being decided.
We will always treat actors with respect and fairness. That includes their working conditions and time frames for completing audio.

Check out our completed projects if you're curious about us and what we do. Or follow our twitter...or even message us. We love talking about our works and any of your creative projects as well!

What is happening with the new brand name change?
We are starting into recording episodes for additional series titles while still continuing "Anthologies of Ullord" episodes.

"Chronicles of Fhaerythe" will be getting its foundation season in the coming year. Casting calls will be hitting soon.
Magical Annals will be getting its foundation season in the coming year. Casting calls will be hitting soon.
Two additional series titles (one's plot was given to us by Writer's Cover Studio) are being written. 
Everything else about how we work, the projects we do etc. remain the same.

The important links!


Our completed projects section is getting long and unruly. Thus, I am electing to list some of them below. (This is not an inclusive list.):
Anthologies of Ullord:
Bellicose Diplomacy:
Proteus Haunting:
Ghost Town:
Dungeoneer Recruitment:
Ghastly Rashomon:

Spiritual Nomad- Discovery:

Curse of the Blight:

Fhaerythe Series:

  • @deleted86511

    Anthologies of Ullord are a fresh but amazingly cooperative, supportive and communicative pair of people who really know how to make a universe work.
    I received great information regarding my character and the world he interacts with promptly and professionally!
    They are one of my favorite clients and an absolute pleasure to talk to!

  • @melle-teich

    "Anthologies of Ullord - Divine Saga 1: Cosmic Potential" was a lot of fun to work on. The production team has a knack for immersing you in their world of imagination. Feedback was swift and helpful and the whole production is solid and very professional. It was an absolute pleasure working with them.

  • @moby-white

    Working with AoU has been nothing but wonderful. I cannot recommend them enough! It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nikki and Edwin, they understood how busy real life gets and were able to work with me when real life got too hectic. They were very accommodating and patient. I truly cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with them.

  • @ninasumtervo

    Nikki and Edwin were very professional and willing to work around any scheduling issues I had. They were also very good with communication and showed passion for accurate portrayals of their characters. Despite me being a bit difficult, they trusted me to deliver on my word, which I did. Certainly a crew I recommend any talent to work with!

  • @voicefromtheattic

    The team behind Anthologies of Ullord was extremely professional, and easy to work with. The were great at communicating with me and prompt with their responses, script, and payment. They are passionate about their projects and the world they are building. They were even helpful enough to provide a recording with pronunciations for all of the original nouns used. I highly recommend working with them.

  • @embryn

    The team behind Anthologies of Ullord were such a joy to work with. They had a quick response time in regards to any questions and were very helpful and encouraging. They have well written and clear instructions as well as fun stories and colorful characters that were amazing to be able to portray. They were nice enough to also include a pronunciation recording for actors' use, which I haven't seen many do before. I highly recommend working with them!

  • @taris_sena

    It was a joy to work with Edwin and Nikki on their projects.

    I honestly can't recommend them enough, if you want to have a voice job with wonderful people who truly care about completing a project to perfection, work with them.

    They provided a pronunciation video for the names, places and important phrases, something that was very useful and is often not thought about. Along with maintaining contact throughout the project and even bringing back actors to reprise roles.

    Very thoughtful and wonderful people.

  • @deleted5260

    The AOU team consists of Dynamic Duo Nikki Flynn and Edwin Dantes. They are phenomenal people to work with. They are incredibly professional and serious about their work. Their passion and zest for their "babbies" (characters) and their dialogue shows in all they do and write. They are also incredibly fun and bring laughs to each recording session.

    Every time I record for them (I've done several projects with them, now, the most recent being "The Proteus Haunting" as Bran and Barbas) they're always professional, incredibly swift and punctual. If I'm delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances, one or BOTH of them will contact me to make sure everything is alright, THEN ask about progress. I mean... Talk about refreshing!

    These people are legit. I ABSOLUTELY HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with them.

  • @edward_stoneguard

    This team is amongst the most professional and pleasant to work with directors I have seen on this site. Great direction, they know exactly what they want, reasonable deadlines, paid exactly when they said they would and overall very polite. Definitely work with them!

  • @craftymatt

    I was casted as a god for the Anthologies of Ullord project. My lines were delivered promptly and with good visualization for how I needed to direct my lines.

    Very professional and would work with again!

  • @zachwells

    These two fine folks were kind enough to cast me in their production of Anthologies of Ullord: The Eternity Bargain as Mot Elsson, and I couldn't be happier with the process of working with them. They're professional, prepared, quick to reply, and very easy going. Providing a surplus of material (including a pronunciation key) was definitely appreciated, and puts a great deal of faith in them for the VAs. If you get a chance to work with these two, do it!

  • @paksok

    The team behind Anthologies of Ullord were amazing!
    Quick to get the lines and ready to work with me. The passion behind their work shows.