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About Faith M.

Hello, all voice actors and creators!

I am mainly a creator and director and have been directing voice-acting projects since 2015.  All
of the projects I have ever posted on here have been completed with the
exception of two due to extenuating circumstances and/or lack of
auditions.  I go to great lengths to make sure my projects are finished
because it wouldn't be fair to the actors who were committed to it to
never get to see a finished product.  I've even worked on projects
when I was in the hospital...because really, what else is there to do?  So rest assured, if you get cast and turn in lines for one of my projects, it will be completed in time.

I believe that actors and creators should always take unpaid work as seriously
as paid work because you never know when that unpaid project will lead
to a paid one.  As a director, I have worked with around 100 actors by
now both through here and other sites and could tell you which ones I
would recommend to a professional if I ever had the chance.

On some occasions, I also voice act!  I'm willing to do pretty much anything, but I prefer working with people who are more serious and organized with their projects.  That means I don't want to be working with a script that has multiple grammatical errors, no set deadlines for actors, or no organization overall.  I will not do anything containing overly sexual material,
period.  Sensual stuff is fine, but if gets full-on sexual, I'm going to
have to pass.  You can always send me a PM and ask me!

You can contact me through here or at my email: aspiringsinger15 (at)

Happy voice acting!


Please see this link for projects I have directed and voice-acted in: CCC Résumé

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Liberty University - 2018

Instructed by

Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies - Concentrations: Theater, Cinematic Arts, American Sign Language - Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Casting Call Club - 2021

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Deb Munro

This is a hobby for me so I'm willing to take on pretty much anything to build my repertoire!  For paid projects, I will generally accept the price set by the director.

  • @mabukz

    My name is Nick Mabukz and I am the director of Renegade Comics and Light Lenz Productions. I film machinima and would like to say that Aspiringsinger is a professional at her work. This isn't limited only to her amazing talent in voice acting but to her communication as well. Never have we had issues of misunderstanding at all whatsoever. She did an outstanding job as a character in my film 'THE PLEDGE' and continues to keep in touch even after production. The film releases on the 24th of June so I cannot show her full work yet but I hope this trailer will suffice momentarily.

  • @poppletron

    A well organized and experienced director who is serious about their work and won't take failure as an option.

  • @junne

    I did not speak too much with aspiringsinger15 during the project but her casting judgment was very good for the project I worked with her on. She was dedicated to getting the project done and would answer any questions she was given in regards to when the project would come out. Her dedication to her projects is admirable and she makes sure she's on top of her job. Not only that, her voice work in her projects in incredible, much better than I expected if I'm being real honest. I recommend auditioning for any project she does, you'll be in good hands with this director, and I hope she will reach out to me again at some time to do more projects, I would love to work with her again.

  • @edward_stoneguard

    I played Erik in her Phantom of the Opera production - She is an amazing director who not only knows exactly what she wants but also gives really helpful and precise direction! Was very helpful and flexible throughout the entire process.

  • @markiemay

    Incredibly nice person who is very quick to respond and great at communicating exactly what she wants. It was a pleasure to work with her.

  • @joshua-cookingham

    Extremely proficient in communication and direction. She has a clear vision for her stories and is able to convey direction to her actors with precise dialogue and writing.

    She is also extremely generous in terms of deadlines and reminders for her cast, and is very good to work with.

    Easily recommended.

  • @danieljk97

    I played Mowgli in the audio drama she directed, and not only was she a prompt, clear and efficient director, she was also kind and communicative the entire process. The entire process was a pleasure, and is a great director to work with.

    10/10, have recommended.

  • @rinmojica

    She was super nice and quickly answered all my questions. She also provided clear and great direction. I would love to work with her again.

  • @MattWeightVO

    Worked with this wonderful director on an audio project for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Amazing feedback and notes helped immensely in bringing my character to life- it's always nice working with an 'actors' director who knows how to communicate her thoughts and ideas for a performer to (hopefully!) capture. A delightful, professional experience- would absolutely love to work with this director again! 

  • @zoeyt

    Faith is one of the best (and loveliest!) directors I've worked with. She knows exactly who she's looking for with her projects and communicates incredibly well. She's also able to give direction to a high standard which reflects within her work!

  • @CaseyLCovel

    I had an incredible experience working under Faith's direction. She welcomed me into her project, provided me with additional opportunities, and gave timely, clear, and concise guidelines with an easy-to-read-at-a-glance script and a simple delivery method. She produces professional content and provides excellent communication. I would be honored to work with her again.