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Mauritsio's Previously Completed Works

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About 7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition is part of the 7Smoke Tennis Project - a series of community-made level collections for the Serious Sam first person shooter games. It derives its name and inspiration from "YouTube Video Tennis" series. In these campaigns, several modders each contribute one level to the mod, which together forms a very lengthy campaign with its own story line and nearly completely filled with custom content. This year, we had 20 modders sign up to create a level in the map pack, so we split the project into two: a "Red Edition" and a "Blue Edition". While Red is still under development, Blue is almost coming out of its alpha stage!

2018 is our fifth go at the Tennis Project since we started in 2014, and each tennis mappack now has its own unique style. For the Serious Sam community, at the time, such full-length custom campaigns were a very rare find - so you could say Tennis is a "big deal". To put it into perspective: all our Tennis projects combined have procured 46 completed custom levels - that's not even counting maps still not in development! And some of those levels are pretty lengthy, too.

The story of Tennis 2018 Blue follows our main character, the Dream Wanderer, who finds himself trapped in a dream world full of inexpiable magic creatures and contraptions. Trying to escape, he is ambushed by the minions of the Nightmare Lord, a tyrannical ruler hailing from the Nightmare Realm who has used the last few years to defile the once beautiful dream world. Trapped together with the Dream Wanderer is a green talking skull, Murray - also imprisoned by the Nightmare Lord in a fortress, he joins the Wanderer in his escape, offering him firearms and navigation around the dream world. Along the way, aside from the Nightmare Lord's minions, they encounter the dreaded Nightmare Coalition, led by Loyand - they seem to have an uneasy alliance with the Nightmare Lord's minions. Determined to escape, Dream Wanderer discovers the dark secrets his companions are hiding from him - through which he encounters Stefan, another talkative skull with a high opinion of himself and the Dreamweaver - one of the few who protected the dream world when the Nightmare Lord threathened to waste it - she presents the last hope the Wanderer has to defeat the Nightmare Lord and Loyand.

In order to make sure that the mod conforms to the highest quality possible, we are dropping text popups to deal with character dialog and have instead opted for full on voice acting. This is where we're hoping for you to come in! We have twelve characters in need of a voice, with plenty of different voices for each character and varying amounts of dialog - our lead requires around 200 lines or you could settle for a minor character with less than five lines, so we're hoping there's something in there for you.

If you're interested in voicing any of the listed characters, please consider the following things:

  • Before any audition you submit, please slate your name in your recording.
  • CONCERNING PRICING! 7Smoke Tennis 2018 Blue is a passion project, so generally roles are unpaid. HOWEVER, if you're looking to get paid for your work - we can accommodate that request, given your performance is approved by our development team to be of high quality and the prices aren't totally unreasonable. This means that all performance prices are negotiable. We will discuss this further once you are cast for a role.
  • Adding onto that, all payment will be done through PayPal.
  • As you can see below, some of the character appearances have not yet been finalized. We hope this doesn't impede you, but if having an image of your character really helps coming up with a voice behind them, do let us know!
  • If you have been cast for a role, we will send you the necessary script as soon as we are able. If you can, please also provide additional contact info - Discord or Steam are highly preferred, although not necessary.

We're looking forward to your audition! For any questions you might have, the quickest way to get in contact with the project leads is through Discord: noam 2000#2000 and Mauritsio#2886. You can also find me on Steam.

About the Creator: mauritsio

I'm an administrator at the Seven Different Kinds of Smoke community, here on Casting Call Club to find some nice voices for our group projects (and maybe, in the future, my personal passions).

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