Darrell H

Darrell H

I do animated comics aka motion comics on YouTube Channel Revive Comics with various talented voice actors and musicians https//www.youtube.com/@revivecomics

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About Darrell H

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University of Missouri STL - 2019

Voice Training- Literature

Instructed by Mr. B

I learned how to memorize text, expressions, emphasis, and to embody multiple characters.

  • @gee

    Darrell does great work and I have voiced characters in his previous projects.

  • @pardijn

    I only did a couple of lines for him, but he's very professional and is quick to communicate. Would love to work with DVHO again any time :)

  • @subliminal

    I've provided voice work for Darrell/DHVO on several different projects now, and I've had a great experience with each of them. He is very professional, easy to communicate with and and highly organized. He's a creative guy with a lot of projects; expect a fun and very smooth time working with him! I would happily accept more work from DHVO in the future.

  • @wendyarias

    I've been cast for two of Darell's projects and it was a great experience! He's very easy to communicate with, polite, and very talented. The hard work he puts into his comic dubs is very transparent when you see the final result. I'm thankful for the experience he's provided me and definitely look forward to his future projects!

  • @poppletron

    DHVO is great to work with and is a very organized director. I've enjoyed the work I've already done and can't wait for what's to come.

  • @noveria

    It amazes how much DHVO is putting effort into his works. It's noticeable in every little thing. Even when providing scripts for voice actors with director's notes, absolutely loved working with him and hope for future cooperation. Professional director and easy to communicate with. There is no better type!

  • @leftpassenger

    DHVO is a very flexible Director with some very fun projects. I was very flattered he offered me a chance to voice an English character even though I'm not a native English speaker! I can thoroughly recommend working for him!

  • @skullface

    One of the best directors ive worked for. Hes very organized and is very clear in what he wants as a director. He also does great voice work when the time calls for it.

  • @albie-robles

    I was fortunate enough to work with Darrell on a Justice League motion comic. I had a great time working in that project. He was good at communicating what he needed and made the scripts easy to access for all of us.