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Name: CIMCIE (SIM-sea) or Charley, whichever you prefer.

About: I enjoy voice acting, but I'm mostly here to cast for projects. I enjoy reading, listening to music, drawing, and astronomy. 

I am a fan of Undertale, Steven Universe, Fran Bow, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Voltron, Harry Potter, and many other fandoms. 

I am currently working on building a YouTube channel where I can promote and display voice acting talent. You can also find me on BTVA, same username.

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  • @sage-wilde

    Cimcie works hard, laughs hard, and makes the project more fun to be working on.

  • @poppletron

    Great director who's fun and cares about their actors.

  • @wintermelon

    I've enjoyed working with Charley ever since we met! She's really made the dub so fun to work on, and I'm looking forward to doing even more in the future!

  • @xandialexander

    Theyre such a good voice actor!! They can provide lines before deadlines and theyre really fun to work with! Definitely choose them for your projects!

  • @saltedvoices

    A great director and VA. They have such great attitude and fun to work with. Love you, Charlie!

  • @redshark

    well what I have to say about Cimcie is there one of the most hard working talented energetic voice actor/Director I've ever seen she has a good thing going with a YouTube group her own and she has many voice creadits to her name and I have had the pleasure of chatting with her here and there. you should really give her a try