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About redshark

Hello! to whomever may be reading this. I'm red 

I'm a voice actor with a good number of roles under my belt so far

Roles So far

Dogamy   -  Broken Key Studios
Grillby - Broken Key studios
napstablook - reefertale 
Error Sans - undertale realities
akibikino akatsuki - Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet Fandub
Monster Kid - reefertale dub of slooth-tale
a random delivery guy? - Sage's Christmas  special 

please understand I do this for a hobby but with a passion. its basically my escape from the world and if you ever need any help I'm usually one of the first to answer if not the first. so please give me a shot you wont regret it

Demos & Samples

my Demo Reel of 2018

this shows of my talents in editing my voice and my acting so please give me a shot :P

  • @malkavius

    Wide range and really nice guy. 10/10