Justice Margowski (Mildhot Sauce)

Justice Margowski (Mildhot Sauce)

Quick, quality, quantity!

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About Justice Margowski (Mildhot Sauce)

  • Justice Margowski, Native American Professional Voice Actor, and Narrator. Specializing in Audio Books, Animations, Video Games, Movies, Fandubs, Comic Dubs, Narrations.

Discord: mildhotsauce


Dads, Regular Man, Old Man, Granny,

Orcs, Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, Dragon

Demon, Angel, Monster, Deity, Warrior, Brute,

Villain, Thug, Mobster, Cop, Guard

Salesman, Radio Host, News Anchor,

Super-Hero, Anti-Hero, Victim, Murderer,

ShopKeep, Taxi Driver, Doctor, Scientist

Hillbilly, Priest, Cultist, Mage, Dog


$3-$5 per line.

$75 PFH

I am open to unpaid roles

Retakes are free

payment through PayPal 

What Justice Margowski (Mildhot Sauce) is looking for

Audio Books, Animations, Video Games, Movies, Fandubs, Comic Dubs, Narrations

  • @shibou

    As someone who's worked with Mildhot Sauce for a bit, I can confidently say that not only is he a joy to talk to and be around, he's also a really talented Voice Actor and has ambition for whatever project he's apart of. You will not regret casting him because he is not only an uplifter but will make your project better with his talent!
    Please consider him :)

  • @isekai-audio-tales

    I invited mildhot sauce to work together on my fan audiobooks project. He expressed a willingness to help out, and so he joined the project. It has been a real pleasure to work with him. He has always delivered on time and quality work, and has always communicated clearly when there would be a delay and why. He also always responds to messages on time. All in all, I am blessed to have him working on the project and hope he stays on in the future as well. p.s., his work starts after the patreon intro, around 00:01:03

  • @deleted207585

    OK! I cannot put it into words about how good of a voice actor this dude is! I am amazed at his range and his good work personality! He's truly a wonderful voice actor and that goes beyond the normal call of duty as a voice actor! He's got a wonderful friendship spirit, and he's seriously passionate! I hope he'll get more work in the future!

  • @harlangreenborough

    Mildhot Sauce submitted multiple auditions for a project I was working on. Right away, I was impressed with his voice, range and sound quality. I knew I had to find a place for him.

    But the reason he was great to work with was that he was friendly, enthusiastic, delivered his lines quickly and always responded to messages from production without delay. These things made my job as a producer so easy.

    I'd work with him again in a second. I'd recommend anyone hire him.

    5 stars

  • @toni_va

    Mildhot Sauce, you are AWESOME! I LOVE YOU! I'm so happy to have had the pleasure to have worked on a few projects with this person. He's super kind and always gives his all in every piece of voice work. I hope to continue working alongside him and be involved in even more stuff with Mild! I can't recommend him enough. :D

  • @Nekturius

    Honestly, Mildhot Sauce was a great person to work with, he was kind when we spoke to each other, and he delivered his lines within the deadline. If you need a great Voice Actor to work with, then he's worth it.

  • @tiff

    Mildhot Sauce was a pleasure to work with as a voice actor! In a comic dub video of mine, he played two characters who were Bennett's (Genshin Impact) dads. I was sold as soon as I listened to his auditions because he absolutely nailed the fatherly vibe! Awesome guy.

  • @andrewdragon32

    Great narrator voice and talentet 

  • @the-oreolito

    Mildhot is a great voice actor with a strong voice that can perform several characters, such as a villanious and funny slave trader. Hope to work again with him.

  • @groovy-dude

    Mildhot Sauce is a wonderful voice voice actor, he was very professional about the entire thing, and he recorded some of the best voice clips I've heard from anybody in a long time. Would happily work with him again.

  • @elithecomicdubber

    He was casted for 3 different roles on a moon knight project I’m working on and he did a fantastic job! Great to work with! And Very Nice! I totally recommend him to you!

  • @valorstudios_

    Mild was very respectful and professional about the project. I received the lines well before the deadline and he was very willing to do any retakes and work with me to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. I could not recommend them enough!

    -Stealth Productions (Valor Studios)

  • @pepperimps01

    Mildhot-sauce is wonderful to work with. Not only does he have a strong, clear and expressive vocal range, but he also is an excellent communicator, and sends lines quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend having him in your project!

  • @mysticmoony

    I just started working with Justice and I'm already super glad to have him. He always turns in his lines on time, or even as early as the day after the script has dropped. He's also fantastic at bringing characters to life, and as a writer that's very important to me. Couldn't ask for a better Sebastian! I would love to see him in more productions in the future. 

  • @teddygamingreview

    Mildhot sauce sent over his lines with additional takes for me to decide which one was the best

  • @spacewiz217

    Mildhot Sauce is such an incredibly talented individual! I have had the pleasure of working with him twice and he never ceases to amaze me. He is super dedicated, always on time, and such a nice person to work with. You won't regret casting Mildhot Sauce! 

  • @irie-arrow

    Mildhot-sauce is a great voice actor and can voice characters with deep voices with wonderful emotions! I highly recommend having him in your project(s)!!

  • @Ecstacy-Studios

    Very talented guy! Awesome guy to work with and a very professional Voice actor! If you're looking for a voice actor, consider this guy and you won't regret it!! 

  • @DACHero

    Fantastic voice acting range! Crisp and clean mic quality as well! Recommend 10/10!

  • @leth

    Despite being called Mild, there is nothing mild about the passion, tenacity, and consistency Mild puts into his work.