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About TiffssVA

Tiffss(VA) is a voice actor and hobbyist singer. Tiffss has been voice acting (just for fun) for over two years, and singing for as long as they could remember. A dedicated, hard worker, and easy-going person, she loves to do anything in the name of arts. Always improving everyday and accepting feedback along the way! I try my best to send my lines express delivery, swift!

📞 - DISCORD : @tiffss
I accept all friend requests, don't hesitate to contact me. Spam will be blocked!


YouTube: Tiffss VA 
Twitter: @TiffssVA
Discord: @tiffss


Format: Director_Video_Role Name

Budwised VA's : Prince Meets Prince | In The Clear Moonlit Dusk Fandub (Yoi Takiguchi)
Crystal Blitz's: (SPYxFAMILY Comic Dub) "Anya is Sick!" (Yor Forger)
Millie VA's: Kaeya's Outfit | Genshin Impact Comic Dub (Jean)
Isolationists': Bride Interview | Genshin Impact Comic Dub (Xingqiu)
King Turtle Studios': DDLC PLUS DUBBED: Respect Part 2 (Friend 1 & 2)
Milesgvo's: Lumine's Battle Injury | Genshin Impact Comic Dub (Lumine)
LukewarmVA's: ASMR Audio "Doctor Ex-Boyfriend Becomes Protective" (Nurse Tiffss)
CinnamonVA's : ASMR Audio "School boyfriend buys you lunch" (Young Male Fanboy Student)
The Tyventan Dubs': Tartaglia's Recreation | Genshin Impact Comic Dub (Lumine)
ΔNDROMEDA's: Monster (KIRA) Cover (Singer/Tiffss)
ParadoxicalAudio's: Traveling with Thoma | Alone time in the cabin? | Genshin ASMR (Beidou)
DreikuTsukibane's: "Kanzashi" - A Danstelle Comic (Honkai: Star Rail) (Stelle)

..and many more!

Curious? Check my project playlist here --> Things I Voice In!

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○ I will not be doing NSFW projects or any projects I am not comfortable with.

○ To give you an idea of my voice, my normal pitch is similar to Genshin Impact's Beidou. My highest voice sounds like the singer in Renai Circulation. Though, I prefer using my lower register.

○ I'm able to sing in English, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese and learning to sing in Korean!
○ I usually audition for female characters, but I'm experimenting on doing young boys (for example Bennett from Genshin Impact)

○ Things get busy most of the time, I will try my best to always be available for a chat

○ For staff attributes: I am able to do audio engineering. Like mixing and timing!

- Sincerely, Tiffss

  • @angelli

    Tiff is such a wonderful voice actor, She voice acted the role of "Kat" In "The Boy Next Door", She's so fun to talk with and super friendly.
    Not only was her voice acting amazing, but she also gave me the lines very quickly and it was really nice working with her.

    I highly recommend that you cast her for your project, you'll be glad you did! <3

  • @dazzerbee

    Tiff is incredibly easy to work with and immensely talented with a fantastic range. He is fun and engaging. Not to mention, he's also wicked supportive of his cast mates too. I highly recommend this actor for your future projects.

  • @fazachm

    Tiffs is such an awesome voice actor(so true). He's always so supportive to his co-workers and his friends and gives some valuable advice when he can! Not to mention HIS VOICE ACTING IS GREAT! His beidou is probably one of the best beidou impressions I've ever heard on this site so far.
    Definitely recommend him for your future projects and THIS IS SO TRUE. lots of love <3

  • @renroki

    I love Tiffs!! He is such a sweet and fun guy that I am glad to have worked on multiple projects with. He is not only an incredibly talented voice actor, but an amazing singer! I am so lucky to have been able to get to know him and you definitely won't regret casting him!

  • @budwised

    Tiffs is a pleasure to work with. She's incredibly flexible when it comes to expressing emotions. In the video of mine she voiced in, I was really amazed with her performance, especially during the emotionally tense scenes. Overall, I would definitely recommend Tiffs as a strong voice actor for your project.

  • @zeela

    Tiff is just absolutely amazing... I really enjoyed working with her and hope to work with her again in the future. She got her lines in on time, and followed my guidelines properly! You guys should really consider her! - Zeela <3

  • @calvin-wilks

    Tiffss was able to deliver a fantastic voice for the description provided, while sending in her lines with excellent timing! Tiffss has a perfect impression for both female and male characters, and is very versatile. Thanks for voicing in my project Tiffss! It was great fun working together and everyone loved your bloopers.

  • @mildhot-sauce

    Tiff was a very fun director to work with. The project came out very fast and turned out great. Would love to work with them more in the future! 

  • @judfle8923

    Had an amazing speaking voice, a great singing voice, and got their lines in super quick, no notes at all! Was an absolute pleasure to have on the project.

  • @matthew-barrientos

    Tiffss and I have been working on a few projects together, ones that we made ourselves or from projects that are not ours. I’m really glad to have her as Beidou and I really love her voice, it’s very soothing, friendly and elegant to my ears. She is even a good singer too.

    Even if she and I haven’t talked or hang out much, I feel as if we have become good friends through our passion in voice acting. I suggest you look into her work and see how much talent she has for a project you might consider her for a role. I’m looking forward to see more from her, especially for the projects that I have in store.

  • @MufeeVA

    TiffssVA is not only talented in their singing capabilities but outstanding to work with! They were incredibly flexible and provided usable content in a reasonable time! I have loved working with them!