Eli The Comic Dubber

Eli The Comic Dubber

Just Your EveryDay 17 Year Old Trying to Make a Living off Of YouTube 😅 - PFP By CameoSweets✨ - Love Voicing Luigi/Flowey/Lancer/Sonic/Kermit The Frog!

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About Eli The Comic Dubber

ABOUT ME: im a Solo Creator :D I have your usual 17 Year Old Kid Voice, I do like to sing, Voice act and make comic dubs! Tho, I’m Hoping To Start Make a Livin’ off of Editing Comic Dubs!


Discord: elithecomicdubber 

Twitter/X: @EliTheGreenVA

Tumbler: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/elithecomicdubber

Carrd.co: https://thedubbersdomain.carrd.co


-20 Pages or Less/20 Minutes of Footage or Less of The Comic Dub/FanDub You Want Me to Edit - $5 - Payment May Change Due To Other Circumstances

-30 Pages or More/30 Minutes of Footage or More of The Comic Dub/FanDub You Want Me to Edit - $10 - Payment May Change Due To Other Circumstances

What Eli The Comic Dubber is looking for

I’m Looking To Work For Any Type of Comic Dub/Fan Dub, But Here are The Ground Rules!

-No NSFW Content

-No Cursing

That’s It 😅

  • @ross-k

    I was a voice actor for a Mario comic dub video that Eli was creating. Very easy to work with, quick communication, and an appreciative guy. Would happily do so again. 

  • @jsaking11

    Working with him on a Super Paper Mario Musical. A super nice guy who is clear and concise. Very easy and fun to work with. 

  • @ElissaLewiss

    Eli The Comic Dubber was great to work for. Extremely patient and flexible. Highly recommend! 

  • @theoriginalpinkie

    Eli is really fun to work with, gives clear and concise instructions and makes sure to clarify if needed, he's patient and kind, and just an all-around really great guy!

  • @raeni

    He has fine Voice Acting Skills. 

    I would definitely recommend him.

  • @ace-dracona

    I worked with Eli on HorrorTale The Musical and he was great! The project went very smoothly and he was very professional and easy to work with.  He's also super nice and it was a pleasure working with him.  I'd happily recommend Eli to any project!

  • @MattWeightVO

    I worked with Eli on a recent comic dub and it was an amazing experience. Super easy to work with, I was given carte blanche (within reason!) for my character interpretation and got back fantastic direction. Eli was also incredibly professional in keeping me up to date with all the updates concerning the project; all in all an absolute joy to work with! 

  • @little-animations

    Eli is a great person to work with! His projects are amazing, he's a very kind and understanding person. I hope to work on more projects with him in the future as he's honestly all around a chill dude!

  • @pegasusangel

    Eli has been amazing to work with! They have done a great job on the comic dub I was in. They truly turned it into a living comic dub. I would love to work with them again. They are very communicative about what they want. Also took their time to make the final project amazing. I am so proud that I got to be a part of their Undertale:Murder dub. I cannot wait to see what other things they do in the future. They put love and care into all their projects. I was amazed at how the final project looked. Thanks Eli for letting me be a part of this as this game means so much to me.
    Much love: