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UPDATE: I'm still holding auditions here, just not as often. Anyway I hope to see you around, person reading this.

  • @deleted55980

    I was Guzma in "Why Guzma didn't join Team Rainbow Rocket". Leth kept in touch during production, and did a great job of editing my two takes together into a single video. Hoping to work on GabaLeth again!

  • @kyotosomo

    If there were more people like GabaLeth on Casting Call Club, the site would be in amazing shape constantly filled with awesome work opportunities. He does multiple Casting Calls every week for videos that are always of both high quality and high viewership. I've been in something like ten to twenty of his videos and I've never had any problem, Leth has always been very pleasant to work with and I look forward to seeing him to continue to post his Casting Calls here!

  • @isabelleamponin

    Leth is a pleasure to work with! Very understanding, easy to contact, and quick to respond. As seen from the animated comic dubs on the GabaLeth YT channel, Leth produces works of great quality in a timely manner. For those reading this, I would highly recommend working with Leth if you get the chance to; you should definitely keep an eye out for the casting calls available here on CCC!

  • @jakethegoodman

    The first ever thing I got to voice in for Leth and his brother Gabasonian was a short Pokemon Emerald/ORAS Comic Dub that involved May finding a Masterball. I got to be the narrator in that and would go on to not only voice the narrator in other videos, but other characters such as Bowser, Charizard, Giovanni, Archie, and Maxie for examples. Leth and Gabasonian are awesome people and I honestly enjoy getting to voice for them. They're both really nice guys. And seriously, they are some of the best comic dubbers out there from what I have seen. They properly credit the people who owned the comic and voiced in the dubs. Plus their dubs are short and sweet. So if you're a voice actor who doesn't have as much free time and are wanting to voice in something, then I definitely recommend auditioning for something from these two awesome peeps.

  • @nate-f

    It’s clear to me that Leth and his brother are great at what they do. Leth’s directions in the voice listings were clear and simple, and the project came out wonderfully. Both him and his brother have some of the best comic dubs that I’ve seen out there, and I can see why his channel has gained the following that it has. Even though my role only had one line, I have no doubt that voice actors who have more direct communication with the two have had a good and fun time working with them like I have. If they ever asked me to voice Mega Man for a future comic, I’d say yes, no doubt.

  • @orionmagnus

    This is just adding on to the recommendation I wrote on Gabasonian's profile!

    My first opportunity to work with Leth was for a Smash Bros Comic Dub by Wooden Plank Studios. Very polite, fast communication, and you can tell that he is very avid about what he does. Getting the chance to directly work with both Gaba and Leth was an absolute pleasure, and I hope to continue to work with them in the future.

  • @ross-k

    I voiced Gruntilda in one episode of one of Leth's motion comics. Would highly recommened working for these guys. Very easy to work with, respect their cast, have a huge following, produce real quality motion comics (best I have ever seen, in fact) and many are very static. Also take the time to credit and promote thier cast too. Would love to be involved with GabaLeth in the future. Very cool dudes. Saving The Spacies Final Episode

  • @mildhot-sauce

    Leth is a CCC legend. If you get the chance to work with them, you will love the final product! 

  • @toni_va

    Leth is such an incredible casting director and comic dub editor. Every video on his YouTube channel is legendary in its own way! He’s such a kind-hearted guy to work with, and Leth will always go the extra mile to bring your voice to life! He’s a fast paced, and very organised person. Its always been a joy for me to be a part of his Wooden Plank comic dubs. The best part is looking forward to his new releases, all while having a blast auditioning for such amazing roles! I’m truly honoured to have voiced as Sothis,  including my upcoming roles as Ash Ketchum and Nia from the Nintendo franchise. Thank you for giving me such wonderful opportunities, you deserve only the best recommendations anyone can offer! 

  • @SuperKobalt

    I've been a fan of GabaLeth ever since their Pokemon and Legend of Zelda videos. And ever since I've heard that these folks have castings for being in their videos. I was determined to be in at least one. Time and time again, I auditioned and auditioned. Until my "silly" antics granted me my first video appearance on the channel. And I gotta say, I absolutely love these folks. Their kindness and videos always make me happy. Keep up the awesome work with your videos and ill be sure to keep on auditioning!

  • @thea-solone

    Leth's dedication to comic dubs and storytelling is truly the stuff of legends. As a director, Leth himself is an A+ talent and a very hard worker! As a person, he is always polite, professional, easy to work with, and always with a bright and positive attitude when working on his craft! I have no doubt that every time you visit the channel of Gabaleth and watch one of their YT videos, you'll come out of it with more laughter in your gut, and more joy in your heart! 👏😄 I would like to graciously thank Leth for including me on such a memorable comic story, and allowing me to provide a voice for Isabelle, Samus, Bayo, Chatot, Marin and so many others. It has been a great joy and honor to be a part of it. I very VERY highly recommend him! Leth and his channel deserves every amount of prosperity and success that should ever come his way! ! 😄😄😄  https://www.youtube.com/@GabaLeth

  • @vibripple

    I have voiced several characters in GabaLeth comic dubs, including Princess Daisy and Professor Sada! The comic dubs they do are very humorous and all of their videos are of great quality! Additionally, they are very professional, and I would definitely love to work with them again!