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The Oreolito

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About The Oreolito

I’m Ricardo. I have a YouTube channel called The Oreolito

Where I make parodic recaps of some of my favorite anime.

What The Oreolito is looking for

I am looking for voice actors with a good sense of humor for my anime parodies on YouTube.

  • @mikenandamic

    Oreolito is someone you can certainly rely on to respond swiftly in a professional, friendly manner. Had a lot of fun participating in his work and hope to see more from him!

  • @fwoofi

    Oreolito instantly provided me lines when l was casted, with custom info for my character written on my version of the script. I had a lot of fun voicing Pico!

  • @mildhot-sauce

    They are very professional. The script told me exactly what I needed for each scene. One of my favorite voices to use. Easy to talk to and willing to answer questions. 

  • @mildhot-sauce

    Oreolito is quick and efficient. Video came out very fast and its stunning. All the voice actors are amazing and the editing is superb! Would love to work again for them!

  • @rusad

    A great project manager, writes good scripts and, what's more important, finishes the projects in a timely manner. Very happy to have worked with them!