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About AndrewDragon32

Aloha im Andrew/Andrei but I know as LuckyLizard32 on YT

Im live in romania so english is the second language that i speaks.
Im a amature at drawin and littel on animation,but most im good at is video editing

Here my demo with playlist of project i work for 

Hope to be to someone helping

  • @starlighthd

    Very professional, works fast for both producing and editing. Very nice guy.

  • @azurahime

    He really is a kind person very talented too. But I hope I can do my best after all. So thank you AndrewDragon32. Your so awesome and hope we can work together.

  • @mildhot-sauce

    The got me my lines very fast. They updated me when I was curious about the project. And the project came out quick and really good.