Harlan Greenborough

Harlan Greenborough

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" -Wayne Gretzky 

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About Harlan Greenborough

I'm an amateur film producer, specializing in bringing video-games to life in movies! I do all my own editing, directing and writing. My favorite genres are science fiction, westerns, crime drama and fantasy. It's my dream to bring an original superhero story to the screen. 

Right now I'm working on WRATH OF THE TAROT KINGS. It's an original feature-length western adventure that tells the story of HARLAN GREENBOROUGH, a civil-war veteran who's been chasing treasure in Egypt for 25 years. He gets more than he bargains for when he returns to America to avenge the death of a loved one. 

I ran a tremendously successful casting call for this project, resulting in over 1000 submissions and one amazing ensemble. 

The film is finally complete and we release on March 25 2022 - I hope you enjoy it! 

Discord at harlangreenborough#2714
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Find and subscribe to my Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXVLsD0SnSBmVlhAU-5ATDA

- 2022

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I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Mass Communication. I've taken screenwriting courses with the Canadian Screen Training Centre. 


I mostly self produce, but I'd be willing to consider fielding offers for Casting Direction, Writing, Directing and Production Consultant. Please approach me with your budget and I'd be happy to discuss. 

What Harlan Greenborough is looking for

I'd like to do more work as a casting director - even if it's not for my project. I'd be willing to write or collaborate on writing. My next project may be a little smaller in scale, but I'd like to focus on what I've learned and put on a leaner product. But ultimately I've gotten a lot of this, and I owe a lot of that to Casting Call Club, so thank you guys. 

  • @ross-k

    I provided some voice work for a character in Harlan's Machinima movie "The Wrath of The Tarot King". Not only an excellent producer/editor/writer/director, but a real positive and polite guy. Clear on what he needed and kept me up to date with the review process and prompt with arranging for payment. I am thrilled to be part of his exciting looking film and would happily work for him again any day. I highly recommenend Harlan and applying to his projects if you see one going.

  • @explicitcensor

    Harlan Greenborough was an amazing director who had great management skills. He was clear, precise, and helpful to me as a Voice Talent, giving me the honor to work with someone so professional and considerate.

    His payment provided in return for the work done was prompt and generous. He is a very trustworthy boss to have and I'm glad I got to know his way of producing a project. I highly recommend you work with him. He is amazing! I would definitely aim to keep working with him!

    10/10 Would Work With Again!!!

  • @bellows_audio

    I was so excited to work on harlangreenborough's production, it is such a fun, creative piece with a load of excellent challenges for voice actors. Contact was warm, encouraging and prompt, and I was paid ass soon as I submitted the lines, with even a little uplift to take account of the conversion rate, which was really considerate. Really looking forward to seeing the finished piece, and whatever this producer works on next!

  • @voicecraftstudio

    Working with Harlan was an absolute pleasure! The project was incredibly fun to begin with. More than that though, working with Harlan was just plain easy. He was quick and clear to answer questions, expectations were well established, but most of all Harlan is a genuinely a nice person. It makes such an incredible difference to work with someone like him. I'd absolutely work with him again!

  • @robbiefitch

    Harlan was a fantastic casting director/director to work with! He was clear and concise with his requests with what he wanted from my portrayal. Payment was prompt, which is always appreciated!

    I'd love the opportunity to work with him again in the future!

  • @mildhot-sauce

    Harlan is a great director! Proper direction and easy to to talk to, smooth and fast process. For a project that feels extremely satisfying. Line delivery was fast, great script file with all I need. Properly formatted aswell. A all around great experience!

  • @gpev96

    Working with Harlan was a pleasure. Professional, pleasant, and easy to talk to. Can't recommend working with them enough!

  • @jamesjohnston

    Great communicator, easy to work with, and gave me one of the most fun auditions I've ever recorded. Would highly recommend! 

  • @wheresdav325

    I provided voice work on harlangreenborough's project Wrath of the Tarot Kings and They provided excellent direction, were fast to respond and update me and had a very nice, friendly attitude.

    Amazing to work with

  • @jrobecheaux

    Harlan was a joy to work for! Not only did he provide excellent, polite, and constructive feedback on the audio I sent him, but he was more than willing to answer the million plus one questions I had during the recording process. I'm more than ready to work together with him again in the future!

  • @andreanderson

    Being very transparent, I was pretty nervous about working on my first role on CCC. During the first call, he got straight to the point which made everything a lot more solid for both sides. Honestly, I've enjoyed every minute voice acting under Harlan Greensborough's direction. Harlan was very professional with clarity on what he needed me to do and how he'd like things to sound. Great communication. Great to work with. Down to earth. I would highly recommend him every time! 

  • @katabelle

    I had the pleasure to work with Harlan on Wrath of the Tarot Kings. Amazing director, talented, creative, and considerate. I love your filmmaking & writing. Thank you for casting me on this project.

  • @misajns

    I had an absolute blast working on Wrath of the Tarot Kings with Harlan! Harlan is friendly and a communicator, he provided easy-to-follow instructions and quality direction and feedback. I had my scene in hand super soon and had the pleasure of doing a read through with Harlan, before sending in my final takes. All around great experience. 

  • @tristanstoneva

    They hired me for a quick last minute job, their communication was clear, professional, friendly, and received prompt payment and a review. They're a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with them again in the future!