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About teddygamingreview

I am a small YouTuber trying to bring projects to life.

  • @dcasellian

    I'm all about working with people with great communication and responsiveness, and teddygamingreview has both. They were a pleasure to work with, and I'd be happy to collaborate again in the future. 

  • @greenbeanxp

    I always love TMNT. Doing comic dub with him is amazing and I get to work with talented voice actors. friendly guy watch his videos

  • @ashen_morire

    I loved working with Teddy, He was quick to respond and offer feedback. He was super understanding when I was under the weather and kept up communication through the entirety of the project! Awesome guy!

  • @infectiouspink

    They provided material to work with and overall were very relaxed about delivery time, it made for a fun project!