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Semi-professional. I don't charge for hobbyist/non-profit projects. On the occasion that I do paid work, I mainly stick to Casting Call Club's recommended rates, which can be found HERE.


I really enjoy working with a voice actor who takes direction well, like Alex.
Learning how to make subtle changes in your timing and tone as an actor is super important when dealing with scripts that have pre-determined timed sections. 

-George Ledoux, Dying Light 2

I asked Alex to narrate a small game. Working together with Alex made me realise how good of a voice actor he really is. Alex helped our writer (who is a non-native English speaker) revise the script, performed his lines well before the set deadline and managed to give plenty of variety to each take. He’s gone far past our expectations. The directions given within the script were enough for Alex to hand us some beautiful voice acting and if given the opportunity, I would hands down work with Alex again!

-Arūnas Mastwijk, Forsøk

I was so privileged to have Circuit on the voice cast of my project.

His delivery of the lines was very timely, with impeccable quality both technically and vocally. He gave us multiple takes of each line with different emotions and tone since the recording was without live direction - one of the many ways he has gone above and beyond to make our project a success. His advice and contributions to the project have been invaluable and I am so grateful for his talent and hard work.

- themayor897, Wheels of Lull


Great to work with, good equipment, very clear recordings, fast delivery of the lines. Can do amazing Khajiit and High Elf impressions and capable of expressing a wide range of emotions in his acting.

- Aelarr, Vigilant Voiced


For a minor character that was meant to be a one-off at the beginning of the show, I ended up absolutely falling in love with this little guy (the monkey, I mean :P). Alex brought Bufkin to life with such a sweet silliness. He’s got a wonderful comedic sensibility, and has continued to be surprisingly down for anything I throw at him (see: all the monkey screeches, and that pratfall in Ch 4 was choice). I ended up adding more Bufkin than I intended based solely on Alex’s performance, I so desperately needed more of him in the show.

Alex, you were such a happy surprise when you auditioned, and you’ve proven time and again to be a tremendously valuable member of the cast. Thank you!

- Darling Gypsum, Fables Radio

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