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About rabbitt

My name is Rabbitt Winri. I am a student over at University of Oklahoma and getting a degree in journalism. In my free time I'm a writer and VA, but mostly working on my Sidekicks of Tamriel projects which adds more followers to Skyrim. 

Past Works:

- (2018) The Delfino Blade Audio Drama (Writer)

- (2019) Guard Duty (VA/V.V)

- (2019) The Perfect Solider: Elimination (VA/Chloe)

- (2020) Gravity Falls: Scary-Oke Full Fandub (VA/Shandra Jimenez) 

- (2020) Legend of the Blue Dragon (VA/Shadovalker)

- (2020) Wheels of Lull (VA/Memory)

- (2020) Khash the Argonian, Cusom Voice Follower For Skyrim (Voice Actress (Khash) and Writer)

- (2020) Khash the Argonian Backstory Trailer (Writer)

- (2021) Reclaimer (VA/Chloe) 

- (2021) What Kobolds Carry (VA/Nephri)

- (2021) Caryalind Thallery the Aldmeri Prince (Writer)

- (2022) Handicap Citizens (VA/ Maleith, Geolerd, and Thilin)

- (2022) Varrick Veil (Writer) 

You can also find me at:

Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_YSy4VNtnv68lu-TxkY9_g?view_as=subscriber)

Tumblr: https://rabbittwinrithings.tumblr.com/

Discord: Rabbitt_Winri_VA#6918

  • @themayor897

    I feel very lucky that Rabbit auditioned for a role on my project - she's incredibly talented, and quickly delivered high-quality lines with multiple takes to choose from. Her delivery and emotion in every line perfectly matched what we needed for her character, and working with her overall was very easy. Thank you for everything, Rabbitt!!!

  • @littleredhen42

    I had the pleasure of voicing a character for Rabbitt's wonderful audio drama, Elder Vale. Rabbitt is both a wonderful writer, and a great director. They were incredibly easy to work with and yet committed to a high quality product. I am proud to have been a part of this project and would definitely audition for future projects of theirs. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you, Rabbitt!

  • @danman529

    I've had the pleasure of working with Rabbitt on a couple of productions now for almost three years. Needless to say, this positive recommendation was looonnngggg overdue.
    Rabbitt is an extremely talented, hard-working, professional, super cool, down to Earth, mega awesome person! She can deliver any voice acting performance you can think of!
    Recently, she starred in our latest series as a character who was finding herself during a chaotic, futuristic war. Rabbitt knew this character inside and out. I don't what methods she used to dig deep but whatever she did it was amazing. She delivered the anger, fear, confidence, and joy perfectly whenever the scenes called for them. She delivered each line flawlessly, and even gave me extras to work with.
    She is a super amazing person to work with, and like I said, I've pulled her into multiple projects, and she always does a great job with delivery!
    If you are lucky enough to have her audition for your project, do not hesitate! She will blow your mind every time! She is an amazing voice actress, and I cannot see where her talents take her next!
    I hope I get the chance to work with her again soon!

  • @complete-the-circuit

    I worked with Rabbitt as a voice actor for one of their Skyrim followers and they were a joy to work with! Quick to respond to questions and queries, excellent writing, and an all-round amazing person to work with. I can't wait to continue working with them!

  • @craftian

    Rabbitt did an excellent job bringing the psychotic Hemis to life for
    Old Blood, capturing the difficult Khajiit accent well. Recommended.

  • @betalille

    Rabbitt voiced a character on a Skyrim project and delivered really great lines, with the exact accent I was looking for. Really impressive voice acting skills!