Occasional doodler and terrible VA.

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About MeekVoice

Just an hobbyist VA and 2D artist. I'm enjoying the chance to voice in video game mod adaptions, such as the Skyrim gaming community and animation projects. 

If you want to see or hire me for drawings//commissions, you can find them at my Linktree.

Some examples of voiced projects:

Youtube - 

Skyrim Mods-



  • @mattman

    A true gentleman and a scholar.

    I approached him with an understanding that we were on a tight schedule. We needed to get the project done in a week, and he stepped up and gave an amazing performance with plenty of time to spare.

  • @themayor897

    After he auditioned for a role on one of my CCC projects, I thought MeekVoice would be perfect for a character I had not yet posted - a character who was naturally smug and sinister, yet oddly complacent, a character I knew I had to find the perfect voice actor for. After all, they would be introducing the entire antagonist's plotline in our story.

    Meek was professional, easy to work with, and quickly delivered an excellent performance that I am incredibly excited to implement into my project. I highly recommend him for any project, he has a wide range of vocal ability, and the natural emotions of his characters come to him easily. Thank you, MeekVoice!

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Wonderful voice actor!! Takes direction very well, and is a pleasure to work with! Has a range of voices for various types of characters. I would 100% recommend for any casting director! I look forward to working with him again. 

  • @ynstbih

    I had a wonderful time working with MeekVoice. His voice is iconic, masterful and distinct. I would be honored to have another chance to work with him and let his incredible voice, illuminate my writing.