Mod author and khajiit enthusiast/voice actor.

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About robbobert

College professor by day, Skyrim modder by night. I've been working on my Khajiit Will Follow mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim since 2015, both developing the mod and voicing the three male khajiit followers (~6000 lines of dialogue).

Khajiit Voice Demo: Click here! (Google Drive)

KWF can be seen here: Khajiit Will Follow on the Skyrim Nexus 

Previous khajiit roles:

Anjiir -- Riften Extension - Southwoods District

Za'kir -- Hammerfell Blades - The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Vashharr  -- Hunter's Dream Quest Mod

J'Arosh -- Krein (beta released)

Ja'ziir -- Tempest Isle (lines recorded, but not yet published)

Lo'deri -- Shezzarine (lines recorded, but not yet published)

Ijati -- Odyssey of the Dragonborn (awaiting lines)