(they/them) 16 y/o self-taught voice actor and trained singer. doing my absolute best! (pfp by @tigerjolteo)

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Hi there!

My name is Joceyb23 or Jocey (they/them). I am a teenage aspiring actor, musician, writer, and director. My goal in life to express my ideas in a creative fashion, and voice acting is one way that I choose to do that. I have almost a decade of musical theatre experience, plus three years of voice acting. All of my voice acting is self-taught, but I have taken voice lessons for singing and acting classes for onstage acting, that have given me a lot of skills that I can go on to apply to my voice acting.

Impressions I do...

- Charlie Morningstar

- Niffty

- Octavia

- Minori Hanasato

- Nene Kusanagi

- Klee

- Venti

- Amber

- Marinette Dupain-Cheng

- Juleka Couffaine

...and many more, plus original roles!




YouTube: JoceyVA
Email: Joceyb23 (at) gmail (dot) com
Discord: joceyb23#4835
CCC: You're here!

I am a minor (13+), and as such I will not be participating in any NSFW content.



I am working on setting up a way to take commissions for voice acting, but in the meantime my rates are exactly as you advertise them: if I audition for a project that says they're not paying the actors, then I won't expect to be paid, but if you do say that you will pay me, I expect payment.

What JoceyVA is looking for

I audition for any project that catches my eye, but those are projects that have passionate, hard workers behind it that see things through. Projects that deviate from the norm and aren't afraid to think outside of the box. I am particularly intrigued by original animated projects and English dubs of existing media that don't have voices existing in English, or dubs of media that don't use voice acting.

  • @merlva


    How does Jocey not have  ANY RECOMMENDATIONS? LIKE MAN- THIS GIRL IS THE DEFINITION OF UNDERRATED. She voice acts so.damn.well I’m honestly jealous. 

  • @broken-opal

    Joceyb23 voices Emma in my gacha series last life. Joceyb23 is a super talented voice actress and is amazing at delivering emotions and can really bring the character alive. They're super kind and I can't wait to work on future episodes with her. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a voice actress.

  • @thesparkyside

    Jocey is a wonderful director, very kind and wonderful, and is an extremely talented writer, singer, and voice actor. I have been in multiple projects of hers and she has always been very supportive and helpful with all of the actors we've worked with. She is such a great person and a wonderful friend, and I highly recommend her for all projects you have. 

  • @bubblebite

    Jocey is one of the people I met early in my VA journey. While we weren't as close as we are now, it was easy to see their talent and how hard she worked! She can always put a smile on your face and put a crap ton of effort when they put their mind to it. Not to mention, she's an amazing friend! Always hyping us up and giving out super cool ideas, Jocey is clearly on their way to be the best of the best VAs out there and I can't wait to see them grow! If you see Jocey audition for your project, you'd be wrong to not consider her! Cast them right away and I promise you an amazing time! <3

  • @rakeish

    Jocey is an AMAZING voice actor, and her voice is top tier <3 Not to mention how fun they are to talk to! I am currently working with them on a project, and it's been so fun working with her. CAST HER!! RIGHT NOW! You won't be disappointed. 

  • @quintessence_

    I've gotta say, I've only been cast in a few projects with her, which is such a shame. Jocey has so much to offer, not just vocal-wise (but I do have to admit... their voice-range is literally *chef's kiss*) but has such a sweet and funny personality, like?? Thank you for being such an amazing person!! You are beyond hard-working, and all your lovely effort shows off when you simply just speak, dude, it's astounding. If you're considering casting Jocey for a role, you just have to do it, because let's just say... you won't regret it!! They're a little ribboned package made of godly voice-acting skill, kindness, and creativity, and I personally think it's a sweet deal!! <3

  • @diarosee

    Jocey is very very very very very very very very amazing I love her voice it's pretty >:D 

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  • @eminms

    Jocey is truly amazing, their voice is absolutely stunning and can hit a wide variety of ranges, leaving me amazed every time. She can get her lines submitted super quickly and isn't hesitant at all to feedback. I would recommend Jocey to absolutely anyone needing any kind of voice, and am honored to be working with them. 

  • @Asriel_DTPG

    I absolutely loved Jocey's voice acting from my comic dub. They helped in voice acting one of the support characters of a comic dub I hosted, and the act in personality and expression is astonishing, not to mention wholesome as well! I would definitely recommend them!

  • @ace-studios

    THIS KID ISTG!! I've known Jocey since they were just barely starting out. They have grown so much into somebody that I look up to. I highly recommend them to be casted. They NEVER fail to bring a smile on your face. Definitely one of the best people I've ever gotten to work with/for on the internet. Because of those projects we've done together, we've become pretty good friends. SO, not only are they hecka talented, but they're also honestly just so incredibly sweet and so much fun to be around. Thank you for everything, Jocey!

  • @starry_voidx

    This person is very organized when it comes to their projects! They are not only super kind, but super funny. As my first official project, I could never be happier to have such ana amazing person as my director!! Love you Jocey and keep doing what you do best!!!