Just your regular voice actor aiming to audition and voice for numerous projects.

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About Asriel_DTPG

Hey it's Asriel_DTPG! You can call me either Asriel or DTPG, either works.

I am over 18 years old and my pronouns are mainly He/Him, but I also accept other pronouns like She/Her and They/Them.

While I have a good passion to pursue voice acting by auditioning for numerous projects, I also own a YouTube channel that hold community projects (mainly comic dubs). The channel is linked by the quick YouTube button in my profile.

I also have experience in audio editing using Audacity, and video editing using Shotcut.


I'm only into free projects, especially when starting new ones. I purposely like to have fun in voice acting.

What Asriel_DTPG is looking for

I'm looking forward to become involved in many different projects, especially those that derive from my favourite franchises like Pokemon, Kirby, Sonic and more.

  • @viper47

    Worked with them on several projects and I have to say. I highly respect there motivation and talent as a va. Highly recommended 

  • @daksdoesstuff

    I provided voices for a couple of Asriel's comic dubs. Fantastic editor and fun manager.