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About Merlsss

Hello! My name is Merl! I'm a young voice actor striving to make an impact on the world (no, not Genshin Impact) I'm often inactive recently due to school, but I do my best to swing by from time to time!

Wish to contact me?

Discord: millielele#0001
Email: redacted due to privacy purposes, dm to request ^^

Thank you for checking out my profile!


I do not expect a payment as I enjoy doing Voice Acting as an extracurricular activity and enjoyment purposes.
In the future, I may accept payments for my work but currently this is what I am doing.

  • @bruhh13

    quackity quack quack. ok lets get that aside BUT LETS RECOMMEND MERL RN. merl is always such an amazing, caring person to have around, not only is she one of my closest friends online but i've been in so many projects with her (totally not because i always scroll around in her casted roles) she is an amazing voice actress who has so much potential and she always turns her lines in on time. she is also a co director with me in one of our voice acted series called "the other world" she always contributes and helps out with the server even though she has other projects to handle as well. she's a hardworking, loving and humorous person to be around. i would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT recommend her and cast her. you wont regret it :3

  • @bubblebite

    Oh my lordie lord. Merl is such an amazing person! If you want someone active, passionate, and kind then PLEASE HIRE HER! She loves to help out and is great at doing such. Merl and I are together in a bunch of project and she is so good at what she does! She is currently collabing with me on a series we're doing and she is such a big help (I know I've already talked about her being a big help but we can look past that). Merl gets along so well with other people and it's always fun to talk to her. If you see her audition for your project then you better cast her! >:C

  • @deleted546475

    Despite the hardships that may surface, Merl is an amazing voice actress who makes sure to always leave with a smile when completing her work. She commits in the darkest times to produce a production that both the director and herself can be proud of for long ways to come. She has a unique tongue and a grasp for achievements, quite the rare find!

  • @ari_star

    Merl is such an amazing voice actress. And very dedicated to voice acting. She is such a nice person, and is lovely to hang out with! I was cast for her voice acting project, but sadly it got canceled. But, when it comes to voice acting for her, she does a very excellent job with it! She is one of the most talented voice actors I know! If you are looking for a dedicated and friendly voice actor, Merl is great! And if you see her make a project, go and audition for it! :D

  • @thelittleboi

    Aside from us being friends, she is very professional with her work. She's very welcoming and fun to work with, also very creative and her mindset is outstanding. She has unlimited talent, with such great control of herself with every schedule she has. It's a must to have her in a project as anything, as she is an amazing person.

  • @Grapekitty

    Merl is an absolute wonderful voice actor! She puts a lot of effort into her auditions, and you can tell that she has that natural talent! She's a super nice person to hangout with, she's kind, and very funny. If you get an audition from her, you are lucky, because you don't usually get a voice as beautiful as hers! đź’–

  • @paisydaisyva

    Merlva is incredible.10/10 no batteries required. Would recommend purchasing!! Super underrated.

  • @helloimthebest

    Merl is such an amazing VA like omg- you have some serious talent gf <3

  • @helloimthebest

    very pog definite recommendation 

  • @jazaxiee

    Merl is definitely one of a kind! With the sweetest voice comes the biggest heart with this girl! I've worked with Merl in numerous projects and not once has she failed her performance. I cannot recall a day Merl has made me not happy or appreciated, because that's exactly what she's here for! Not only for excellent work, but for her being an awesome friend as well! Definitely recommended!

  • @calvin-wilks

    MERL UR THE BEST OI <3333 You always manage to put a smile on my face, and I love ur energy! I'm looking forward to making a lot of content together~