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About eminms

Greetings! Welcome one and all!
My name's Emi (She/Her)

My main talent is the field of voice acting, having now 4 years of experience, but if you wanna get real cringe we can date it back to when I started giving my Pokémon plushies voices back as a child.
I've loved acting ever since I was little and now want to try and pursue it full time starting on CCC. 


I consider myself to have a decently wide range, I can reach from your average male protagonist, expandable to females but, I sit at a good middle ground somewhere in the field of a gender-neutral voice, really depends on what you desire out of me!


Besides voice acting, I typically find myself in the field of singing or video editing, but I love them all equally. Typically I do write a lot of scripts, from either my own original stories, to just copying words from a video onto a Google Doc or translating anime episodes and writing for fandubs, but that's more of a side thing.

That's pretty much all I have to offer, thanks for stopping by!

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  • @BrianPlayer

    Hikari is an excellent manager, her directions are very easy to understand, and work gets done VERY quickly with her as director. And she's a great voice over talent as well. Would definitely recommend checking out her stuff!

  • @chai_tealeaves

    I've known Emi as a VA and as a director, and she is truly an up and coming star. Her directorial skills are next to none; she is able to take on mass responsibility and give incredibly detailed direction her voice actors. She has an acute awareness of other's talents, and is able to bring them out through her words as a manager and director. As a voice actor, Emi is truly talented. Her work is second to none, meeting deadlines with quality takes and no issues. She has a wonderful range, and has proven her talent time and time again when voicing all genders. She provides convincing and emotive delivery with an unendingly impressive understanding of her characters. She puts excessive work into all of her roles, and has shown not only her staff, but her fellow voice actors what it means to be a dedicated and reliable talent. I heavily recommend her as not only a manager/director, but also a VA. 

  • @nightwave

    Emi is a very talented voice actor and a wonderful director. She works hard and is super nice and understanding. Definitely check out her projects and stuff! 

  • @gork

    Amazing director. Always keeps everything in order and is very organized, Treats everyone involved with respect and Gets stuff done

  • @eggutamaplz

    Emi, emi, emi, what ISN'T there to say about emi? I've been a firsthand witness to how passionate this girl is with the projects she works on. I've worked with her on Project Sekai: A New Voice under her direction and as a fellow voice actor, and the directions she's given me while having live recording sessions are extremely helpful! After each big event she gives us lots of useful feedback as well. ANV is the first ongoing long-term VA project I've been in that's gotten off the ground, and it's an absolute privilege to have my first led by her. She's so hardworking and gives it her all running her work, and she deserves so much!

  • @tigerjolteo

    It's been an absolute privilege working alongside and under Emi. She's by far the best Project Director I've ever come across - she knows what she wants and gives her all to achieve her goals. She's incredibly easy to get along with, but also commands a certain amount of respect befitting of a Director. Running 'A New Voice' with her and also being a Voice Actor under her guidance has been such a rewarding and enlightening experience, and I always find myself improving with her feedback. Emi herself is incredibly talented as a VA as well; her voice is versatile, and she is extremely capable of conveying different emotions at varying levels of complexity. She is absolutely a must-have for any projects that seek quality, or just for any projects in general, because she truly never fails to deliver to the highest standard.