(She/Her) Helloo! I'm Lizzie, a 16 year old female Canadian Voice actress who also likes to sing and dance!

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About Lizzie

Hello! I am a 16 year old French Canadian voice actress that specializes in angst!

About me!:

  • I can fluently speak English and French

  • I am currently learning Spanish and a little bit of Japanese

  • I like to draw, sing, act, and especially write stuff!

Types of roles I can voice ;

  • Gentle fem speaking voice (any emotion)

  • Mildly deep fem speaking voice. (Happy, sad, angry,

  • Angry / Sad fem voices, I specialize in angst.

  • High pitched voices such as women, men and children! (excited, high pitched, happy)

  • Comfortable Singing range: (D#4 to C#5)

  • Total singing range: (A#3 to C6)

I specialize in Fandubs, angst, & fem voices. I am searching for jobs that will be able to not only help me work on different types of voices, but also projects that broaden my understanding of what it means to voice act.

I'm a minor so I will not be doing any 18 + / nsfw / furry content!!!!

My socials ; @starry_voidx on discord, @starry_voidx on tiktok!

I can't wait to meet you all, and maybe work with you all in the future!


I accept Ko-fi and paypal as payment methods! Currently no set in place rates!

What Lizzie is looking for

I am looking for fun and engaging projects that foster positive work environments for all, no matter the level of experience. I am also looking to find projects that have warm and welcoming communities.

  • @joceyb23

    Lizzie is an extremely talented voice actress! Working with her has been extremely fun so far - I'm consistently impressed with her skill and I highly recommend her!