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Art by personnal! Your average VA! <3

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"Howdy Hey! Hope you're having an amazing day!"

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My name is BubbleBite but feel free to refer to me as Bubbles or Bea! I'm a mixed voice actor from the good ol' Midwest. I'm working on making youtube videos, songs, and much more! Feel free to contact me whenever, I'm hardly busy (LOL)!

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Name: Bubbles/Bubs

Age: 18

Pronouns: She/Her + Fae/Faeself

Experience: 3 years

Voice Type: Medium-Low/High

Personality Type: ESFJ

Alt AccountBittenBubble

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Discord: BubbleBite#5389

Twitter: @Bubble_Bite

Carrd: BubbleBite


"Want to commission me? Here are my prices!"

$0.10 per word


$1.00 per line

"What if I don't have enough money?"

We can always talk it out and negotiate. It mostly comes down to how interested I am in your project. As in age-rating (G/PG/PG-13), how long I'm needed, & personal enthusiasm.

What Béatrice Lavigne is looking for

Projects I'll most likely look in to!

  • Roblox

  • Indie Animations

  • Visual Novels

  • Five Night's at Freddy's

  • Friday Night Funkin'

Almost anything! (I'm not picky lol)

  • @dzhjoshua

    A professional young talented voice actor, I can see a lot of potential with bubblebites. I been in projects with her in the past and Bubble amaze's me every time.

  • @cookiesva

    Bubbles is a really supportive person and Director! She boosted my confidence a lot, as well and I heard her auditions, and I think they were amazing! I could tell Bubbles had a lot of potential in directing, which id why I decided to join her production! I won't be surprised by her success in the future:>

  • @zerotwice

    I'm her sister not her friend by the way. I constantly hear Bubbles from her room and she seems really passionate about what she does. From picking up a summer job to pay for her mic to constantly hyping up others about their voice work since she's been there. She's been through a lot and I'm proud of her. Even if she keeps me up late at night due to her constant squeals or yelling, I'm glad she's happy with what she is doing. :)

  • @deleted462213

    I've started working with BubbleBite just recently but I just couldn't help myself from giving her a recommendation! Fae has the greatest qualities in terms of personality and professionalism. What I think is the best word to describe fleur is genial, meaning, friendly and cheerful. This is because when I got the opportunity to talk to them in a VC I noticed how great their sense of humor was even when they were keeping the conversation professional. She deserves all the recognition she gets and more! If you get the chance to cast BubbleBite for a project, please do so! You won't regret it! <3

  • @peytonduhsstuff

    Bubblebite is one of the best vas I've heard! She an amazing va, And a great person to talk to. She's in a project of mine, and I couldn't have chosen a better lead. Keep it up :]

  • @merlva

    BubbleBite is an extraordinary Voice Actor and Director. She's so organised and wont let tiny mishaps get passed her way. Fae is so cheerful, friendly and so.much.fun.to.work.with. In all honest, Bubs has such amazing qualities I believe all Voice Actors need, she's professional but always can put a smile on your face. And when fae voice acts, UGH TOO GOOD! Fae knows how to incorporate the character into her own self and twists it and shes honestly, TOO GOOD. Fae deserves such much more recognition and respect- a literal lovely person! If BubbleBite ever auditions on your project, just cast her. You can thank me later U-U

  • @deleted546475

    BubbleBite is an amazing voice actor, and director! She seems
    like a very determined person, always ready to help, and just overall an amazing person. I'm writing this recommendation because she deserves it! 100 percent! You'd be very lucky to have her as a friend, voice actor, director, etc! I highly recommend her!

  • @thesparkyside

    BubbleBite has a great voice, fit for all kinds of different roles! I highly recommend them for any role that you want to give them.

  • @sky-withered-rose

    Absolutely awesome, I had a VA quit on me last minute. Sent out a new project on CCC and got her audition a day later and I was blown away and when I hired her she had her lines that I needed the very same day in under a few hours. BubbleBite is very friendly, talented, hardworking, and quick to respond ether with her lines or just confirmation that she’s working on it or will soon! It’s been an honor working with Bubblebites. I one hundred percent recommend her

  • @angel_weeb

    She is such a wonder to work with! She puts her best effort into all of her lines and is very good at building their character. She is always willing to help me out and I couldn't be more grateful for her!

  • @deleted527807

    Sigh, when am I gonna get out of timeout? 

    Bubbles, you are just an incredible, astonishing, and amazing voice actor! Bubbles has just this amazing voice that I am personally, IN LOVE WITH. Her audio is just so beautiful and her expression is spot on! She has this amazing charm while talking to others! So go chat with Bubbles, she is just a really great person to talk to and I am glad to be her friend and a fellow voice actor! :D

  • @joceyb23

    Oh my goodness oh my goodness, where do I begin with Bubble? She has always been one of those well-known voice actors that I've looked up to for the longest time. I had the pleasure of being able to work with fae on a project, and I can say with absolute certainty that she is one of the kindest and most talented people I've gotten to work with. Bubble has so much love and appreciation for fae's craft, and is always the first to hype someone else up. She is absolutely wonderful with advice and is truly a gifted voice actor. Fae never fail to make people feel welcome and she always blows me away with anything fae records. I cannot stress this enough: if you're lucky enough to have her audition for your project, cast fae. She will absolutely not disappoint.

  • @rakeish

    Where do I even start with her!? Bea is a very talented voice actor AND director. I LOVE their professionalism! They're very organized with everything. Fae always gets her work done quickly, and she's very fun to work with. She's always happy to help others when they need it. It'd be a literal crime not to cast fae! 🙄

  • @quintessence_

    Where do I even start with Bubble? I remember seeing her auditions around CCC and Discord and thinking to myself, "Wow, she's so cool and professional!!" And it's honestly so strange (in the best way possibly) that I've gotten the chance to befriend somebody I admired after being cast in a few things with her! And yes, I still think fae is cool and professional, but I've also gotten to see how kind, caring, and passionate Bubble is about everything - especially voice-acting! She adores what she does, and she does it pretty dang good. Do not even hesitate to cast faeself, for she will exceed all your expectations!! I am so amazed at how far she's come and I guarantee she'll blow the entire world's mind with her talent. ^^

  • I absolutely LOVE how she voiced Cynthia in Bedtime Stories, she really aced at it; and managed to send her lines on time! Literally recommend her to anybody.

  • @bunnihunni

    Bubblebite is so amazingly talented! they're so good with switching tones/pitches they literally have three different roles in one of my series because you can hardly tell it's the same person! phenomenal. Great work Bubbles! I hope to see you in more projects soon! <3 HIRE THEM!!!