YES, MY PFP IS ME!!! Drawn by @al1a5_ on twitter!

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About Rakeish

Hi! My name is Nao or Rake! I'm a Thai/Taiwanese Voice Actor and Artist. Thanks for visiting my profile
[any pronouns] 

Discord: rakeish
Instagram: @_rakeish 
Twitter: rakeishh
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PFP made by: @al1a5_ on Twitter!



$1 a line or $0.25 a word! Payment through cashapp / gift cards only. :) Robux is included too! ($1 = 100 robux) There’s no harm in asking me to lend my voice for free either! Keep in mind that paid projects have priority.

What Rakeish is looking for

What I Normally Audition For
-Gacha Series
-Minecraft Roleplays
-Indie Games/Animations
-Visual Novels
-Just about anything!

What I WON'T Audition For
-Anything Problematic

I will be background checking as much as I can! If you want to cast me for your project, please specify the following.

Things I Need To Know About
-Paid or Unpaid?
-Voice Range?
-Long term or short term?

  • @thisisanacc

    They are AMAZING. They are a lot of fun to work with and just a joy in general. Their voice acting is the best! Rake's voice is just...mwah. Super. I would 100% recommend them!! 

  • @kiritofu

    Rakeish is an AMAZING VA! Their work and acting skills are really outstanding, and the way they portray lines shocks me every time I listen to their auditions or lines in general. I really recommend hiring them to work on your project! :)

  • @joceyb23

    Okay, Rake here deserves so many more recommendations. For starters, they are just an extremely fun person to be around and work with. They put a lot of passion into the work he does and they are always super supportive of everyone he meets. Rake is such a joy to work with and is definitely one of the best friends I've made through voice acting: would highly recommend them to anyone who's looking for an awesome va!

  • @bubblebite

    Rake is literally so cool and funny! When they came to me and asked me to help out in a series, I immediately said yes and wasn't disappointed! He is a little firework just bursting with energy! Not to mention their humor is top tier. His voice is so amazing and they're clearly talented! I can't wait for Rake to receive the attention they deserve and so much more! If you see her audition for your project, cast them because there is no way you'll be disappointed by them. <3

  • @quintessence_

    Is this?? A severely underrated person who deserves so much love and support for everything they do??? Absolutely! He is remarkably talented at voice-acting, and every single line he records just blows me away. I wish I could be in more projects with them because they are such a joy to work with! They are so kind, genuine, and hilarious, like seriously how are you so funny?? And easy to talk to?? What witch did you find??? Whatever the case is, Rake has got so much talent, so you all better watch out!! Oh, and directors? Look at him. You can't say no to that face, can you? (Face? Voice? Same thing.) So cast them and you 100% will love Rake just as much as I do!! :D

  • @alejandrodlp_va

    I could say a hundred nice things about Rake and not run out of words. He worked with me on a fairly large project and hasn't once slipped up or given me any doubts of their work ethic. They're quick, professional, but most of all, so fun to work with! He brings a personality that lights up any group. If you're considering casting her, you absolutely should.

  • @lusaerys

    Rake is an absolutely astounding artist, voice actor, person and friend! Not only are they super easy to get along with, they're also amazing at what they do. Rake's talent can easily bring any project to life with their wide range of voices and their hard work into delivering clean & stellar lines :] Do cast them if you have the honor of receiving their auditions!! rake on top frfr

  • @ToastTheGreat

    Rake's voice has an extremely distinct sound that sets a part from any voice actor that I've seen! They portray so many emotions and different personalities in a snap. I can't believe how lucky I am to have worked on so many projects with them. They are so sweet and kind to everyone they meet and super easy to work with! I recommend any project managers/directors to hire them for the talented person that they are!