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Hello, everyone!

My name is LK, but I go by Sparky on the internet, and welcome to The Sparky Side of Casting Call Club! I mainly direct, write, sing, and voice-act in all sorts of projects. The most recent that I've gotten into is 

I've been voice-acting for about a year now, so I'm fairly new to the art, and I haven't been cast in much, but I'm gonna keep trying. 

My main project right now is the ARG that I'm writing, The Archived Files, and I would really appreciate it if you would DM me and check for any open spots! 

In addition to voice acting, I also love musical theatre, singing, writing, drawing, playing bass clarinet and piano, and much more.

I previously used my Samsung phone for all voice recordings, but as it's broken, I'm currently taking a hiatus until I either get a new phone or get my current phone fixed.

Will I eventually fix my YouTube page? Yes. Am I motivated to do so right now? No. 

Currently, DMing is only open on Casting Call Club, so I'm super sorry about that. 

Enjoy your stay!

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As I am still fairly new to voice acting and singing, I require no forms of payment apart from credit for what I do. I am simply here for the fun of it. :)

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Currently, I voice act and sing for anything I find interesting, and I direct animatics and an ARG. 

Eventually, I hope that I'll be able to build up a small reputation for my acting and singing abilities, but I also hope to make some friends in this community I've wound up in.

I joined Casting Call Club so that I could start voice-acting and singing using the small set of skills that I have so that maybe I could brighten someone's day up a little. And hey, if I can get a career started along the way, then I'm all for it - I'm gonna need all the help I can get to make it past minor ages lol. 

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  • @joceyb23

    Sparky is a really talented voice actress and singer! She's very expressive and is great for a wide range of characters; I'd fully recommend her!