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About MattMan

My name is Matt_Man.

I did some voice over work during college for some projects and realized I really enjoyed doing it. Since then, I've auditioned for several projects, got some roles as a VA, but wanted to try my hand at doing my own project.

My range is from Medium to Low, I can do my standard voice, a deeper more gravely voice, a fast-talking radio broadcaster from 1940s, a Scottish accent, a Southern accent, and even a little English accent.

I prefer to do narration with my natural voice or more supporting roles if I have to use something other than that.

I've been told that I'm a pretty good writer, editor, and producer too, so I have a few other tools in my arsenal.

I'm still new to the business but this is what I love to do, I regret not getting into acting sooner and now I want to fix that.

  • @renarahawke

    It was amazing to work with MattMan again on his Darkest Dungeon: The Creature Collectors Video.
    He puts 110% into his projects and is very fair and clear with what he wants and what his vision is as a director. He is very approachable and you can ask him for any advice while on a project and will happily give you his time to help you.
    I felt very welcomed coming into a new project with new people and he helps to create a good working atmosphere no matter who you have with you on one of his projects.
    I'm excited to see what other works he produces and excited for others to work with him.
    Overall, he's a good man, with a good heart and a talent for creating.

  • @zamoody

    Working with Mattman is always a pleasure. He has clear directions, and his feedback is constructive and on point. Very creative and has a keen ear when editing, I've done two projects with him and they both turned out awesome. I look forward to working with Mattman again.

  • @jezroth

    He was incredibly open, understanding and knew just how much feedback to give. It was a pleasure working with him and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if the opportunity came.

  • @barkervo

    I was honored to work with Matt for a second time on “Darkest Dungeon: The Ancestor.” Throughout the production process, he was very transparent about his workflow and really strove to create a positive and welcoming environment between all project members. His directions were clear and concise, and he seemed to value others’ feedback, encouragement, and friendly conversation.

    Matt is a capable project manager, and generally just a great person to work alongside!