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Hello everyone, my name is Demetrius I'm 24 years old and I'm from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. In my spare time I'm video editing or gaming.  Hit me up on discord if you need some help, .dcooper

South Suburban College - 2022

business administration

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An associate degree in business administration as of May 2022

  • @azayth

    Lovely person to work with, did the editing on our fandub really well and gave us scripts quite quickly while also allowing for us to have room to breathe on the deadline.
    Happy to keep on working with them!

  • @azayth

    DCooper is a really kind director and one that I've completed a lot of work with. We've finished multiple Winx Club episodes together and strive to do three entire seasons. He has reasonable expectations for the handing in of voice lines and edits insanely quickly while always making sure to provide a script. I'm glad to have met him and I look forward to continue on working with him! :)

  • @toni_va

    Dcooper is one of the most amazing directors i've had! It's such a delight to have worked with this person and a pleasure. They are so kind and their community is like a family. I have had tons of fun recording the lines and I am so excited for what's in store during season 2!!! Thank you for everything! I can't recommend you enough. :)

  • @dejesus99

    Demetrius is a kind and patient director to work with. He is understanding of personal circumstances while also retaining the professionalism and coordination necessary to effectively run a project. There is a clear passion in the effort he puts into his work!

  • @almibui

    Dcooper is a great project director and coordinator. Their kindness and understanding of the cast and crew makes me want to continue working with them for years.

  • @gracetrombs

    As a voice actor, I think Dcooper is a standout director/coordinator. Very clear direction and organization! The time and dedication he puts in is evident from the high quality work!

  • @smashmaster

    Dcooper is a great director to work with and it was an honor to be part of their mugen game voicing Jin Kazama and Albedo! I had a blast recording my lines! Very organize and kind to everyone. Looking forward to continue working with them!

  • @sara-dunham

    Really chill and efficient guy to work for! He was very straight forward with line requests and gave lots of flexibility with the reads. I'd love to work with him again in the future!

  • @tylerdbz

    I had the pleasure of working together with dcooper on his Mugen project. Where I played Espio the chameleon. dcooper was very organized supportive, and kind to everyone working on the project. I would love to work with him again in the future and I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of working with him.

  • @johnserrano

    It was a great pleasure working with Demetrius on his mugen fighting game, Dragon ball X Tekken X Sonic X One Piece! He's highly-skilled because that game came out amazing! He's easy-to-work-with and knows his stuff. Don't hesitate working with this guy, you'll have a great time and love the result! 

  • @cwalsh11

    Works fast and an organized person! Was a pleasure working with him.  

  • @calistaiman

    Dcooper was extremely organized and beyond easy to work with. I had some things I needed to add to my performance and he let me know promptly so I could deliver. He exhibited nothing but kindness throughout the whole process and works quite fast. It was simply a joy to be apart of this project with him.