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About Cryshulvo

Hello everyone! I'm a Latino voice actor and voice director/casting director at Amberstone Studios and Network Nexus Studios. I'm always looking to work on interesting projects, especially original projects, so if you need a VO Director or VA then feel free to message me here or on Discord at Cryshulvo#2059

I also teach ADR and give practice sessions for $40 an hour. Check out my Dub Directing Reel and contact me if interested!

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Amberstone Studios:
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- 2021

Acting Techniques

Instructed by Kiba Walker
Extra Terrible Studios - 2021

ADR Training

Instructed by Jason Lord

Worked on various scenes and characters one on one.

University of Florida - 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Music for Voice

Instructed by
Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

Voice Acting for Video Games

Instructed by Rachael Messer
- 2020

Villain Voice Acting

Instructed by Josh Martin
Starman Studios - 2020

ADR Training

Instructed by Josh Martin
- 2020

Character Voice Acting

Instructed by Josh Martin
- 2019

Commercial Voiceover Business

Instructed by Bill DeWees
  • @deleted299174

    Cryshulvo, portraying Heimdall, was a fantastic actor to have on the project. As the most experienced CCC auditioner of the cast he is relentless in his pursuit to set high standards for the rest to follow. He even completed all his lines within a day of recording beginning! He and the other cast members helped me enormously on my directorial debut.
    If you like his audition, then he's a good VA to go for. Rest assured, his enthusiasm is infectious and the cast will respond well to the bar he sets, moreover he is aware of this and consequently will encourage greener cast members.

  • @jetfalco

    An excellent voice with impressive, unique tones that will go far in his career for sure! I'm very lucky to have his voice included in the project I'm working on, Mondrea Memories!

  • @applre

    I swear, this man delivers his lines faster than a long-legged large ostrich in rocket-boosted sneakers can run a lap around a football field. In addition, he’s always professional and encouraging, and from what I’ve seen, is always considerate about whether his lines are the right length, pitch, or tone. I definitely look forward to seeing more of Cryshulvo in the future.

  • @notoriousdogfight

    Cry is a very professional voice actor with a dedicated work ethic. His voice is quite unique and he's capable of pulling off several kinds of voices. He has a very open personality and is easy to get along with. He is also incredibly prompt with submitting his lines and is always the first one to submit, so you don't need to worry about waiting too long if you're on a tight schedule!

  • @michelle-renee

    Cryshulvo brings with him a refreshing, friendly air. He has a great sense of professionalism and is reliable and timely. Not to mention his voice is extremely unique and should be a go-to consideration when putting together an audition.

  • @adamnew

    Cryshulvo is an incredible voice talent who puts the maximum effort into every performance. He knows what's needed of him in any given scene and it always yields fantastic results. He's professional, amicable, and an overall pleasure to work with. Any production is improved by his involvement. If you need someone to bring your project to the next level, look no further.

  • @aalice

    Cry is a wonderful voice actor and director to have on your team. I have worked with him on a few projects and provided my own voice for him and between his directing and voice acting talent, you can't go wrong! He has a great and unique voice that can fit just about any genre. He is also well adept at taking direction and strives to produce the best content he can. It would be a shame to not have him be a part of your cast!

  • @lunafreya

    Cryshulvo is one of the kindest people I've ever met and he has an incredible amount of talent! He is a valuable member of the cast we are both a part of and a great friend. His work in the project we are in together is high quality and breathes life and fun into an already fantastic character. Definitely cast him in your next project!

  • @toradora-dub

    They delivered their lines on time and with a flawless quality, they were truly able to portray the character like I wanted while still showing themselves as an actor. They were a joy to work with and I would gladly work with them again!

  • @jt424

    Anthony voiced Dylan, the lead character in my audiobook "Shooting Star." He was awesome! He was able to portray Dylan's innocence, insecurity and mental trauma in such a real way. He also sent his lines super fast. Anthony is a professional in every way!

  • @dcooper

    I'm forever grateful for having Anthony voicing Lord Darkar on the Winx Club project. He really brings out his sinister, bad guy vibe for the character. Beside that He's a very kind individual, able to get along with others, and always there to help people. If, you need help for a project. Hire him you will not be disappointed. Oh yeah Anthony btw I forgot to tell you when I met you at the among us Christmas stream, I also have an older cousin name Anthony as well. But he doesn't live here in Chicago no more he move to Nashville.
    Winx Club Season 2 Episode 5 Rescuing The Pixies Fan Dub.mp4 - Google Drive