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About Doctor_Throwback

I’m an average American man in his 30s looking to have some fun with voices. I’ve always had a passion for Voice Acting even from a young age but until recently I always assumed I needed a professional demo reel and vocal training to get started. Then, “Surprise!”, I found this wonderful platform where anyone can be what they want to be! So here I am to lend my voice wherever I can. I hope this helps to give you some insight into my character. Pun intended.

I have two rules I try to follow whenever auditioning for a project.

#1. I will not swear in any dialogue and will often ask to substitute whatever expletives may be listed in the dialogue.

#2. I will not participate in any dialogue or scripted scenes that are considered NSFW.

If you’d like to contact me you can reach me either on Discord or by gmail.

Discord: dr.throwback

Gmail: Doctor.Throwback


If you’re interested in bringing me on for a paid project I’d be happy to negotiate a price based on whatever you can afford. I generally prefer to do a price point of $0.05 per word but would be willing to talk about pricing with the project directors/creators.

What Doctor_Throwback is looking for

I really enjoy anything in pop culture,movies,tv, and/or video games.

Most of all I enjoy the characters brought to life from comic books. Any opportunity I have to enter the world of DC or Marvel you can bet I’m gonna take it!

  • @Wyatt_bowden314

    I have been directing him for a little over a month on an ongoing project we're working on together. He's kind, friendly, he's open to critiques, and he has a genuine talent in creating characters. I recommend him for anything you may have to offer, especially if you need a strong leading man

  • @silly-thumper-studios

    I worked with Throwback for a few days, and even within just a short amount of time, he showed the utmost politeness and absolute professionalism even on the smallest scale. For instance, I had asked him at a point to sing a cover to a unique song for me, and not only did he do it, but he took the time out of his day to offer another take in order to get it as perfect as he could help with. Surprisingly, you don't see such thoughtfulness and selfless assistance as this exemplifies, within these projects. Truly, lovely to work with, and such a gent'.

  • @Irishunttttt

      I have worked with Doctor_throwback and has been casted to voice act as two characters in a cartoon series of mine! 
      His voice acting is very professional sounding, His delivery is on point, and he can do a very good british accent I do say so myself! So much talent!
      I highly recommend working with him!

  • @toni_va

    I've directed and still work alongside Doctor_Throwback. Honestly this man deserves a heck of a lot more recognition. He has such an incredible talent and an insane amount of vocal range. He can go from a deep brute voice to a higher end young male. Truly, his skills are very impressive and he always aims to please. Doctor_Throwback features as many DBZ characters in particular on my DiamondDubs YouTube Channel, and every single performance he went above and beyond! I also am currently in a few projects with him, and he's been an absolute blast to work with. The Doctor is in on every occasion, he will give you only the best of his work!

  • @teddygamingreview

    I have been working with doctor_throwback on a few different projects and on all of them he delivered exactly what I was looking for within a short time frame of giving him the script. He is a very talented voice actor who can do many different voices that are perfect for the role you are looking for and is always looking for more work. I would definitely
    cast him in your projects as you will get what you are looking for and so much more.

  • @almibui

    I have had the pleasure of work with doc in many projects. He is serious and passionate about voice acting and it clearly shows in his work. His vocal range is large and wide like his heart. He cares for his cast and crew mates like they are his family. If you want to feel welcomed in any project, work with doc. 

  • @tyree_jacobs

    Doctor Throwback is a truly phenomenal voice actor to work with. He has been helping me bring a passion project to life and he has been a godsend.  His portrayal of characters really makes you feel as if it's happening. He has been very understanding and helpful and is a great person to work with all around. It's been a pleasure working with him. It's really been a pleasure working with him on this project.

  • @summer_rose_vo

    This fellow never ceases to amaze me with his powerhouse talent. He seriously blows me away every time I hear him, and he continues to surprise me with his astoundingly wide range.  This guy knows his craft, and top of that, he is incredibly professional, kind, generous, and it's been an absolute blast working with him!  I just cannot write enough good things about him as an actor and as a person in general.  You will get nothing but the very best from him!

  • @dcooper

    Man Working with Doctor throwback been fun. I'm grateful for having him voice Super Buu in my Mugen video game. the man got talent, he very polite, and able to get his line done on time.

  • @droopycat

    He’s definitely one you should consider! I mean, his voice impressions just blow me away! They’re amazing! 50/10! He can play both the hero and the villain! He’s also very pleasant to work with, and a great guy! Any of y’all need a voice actor? Well, give this guy a chance, and you won’t be disappointed! 

  • @fantasticbrickproducts

    He's a really hard working guy, he's also very kind and genuine about what he does. He really knows a lot about the characters he plays and is very passionate about it, Couldn't recommend this guy enough.

  • @neiljsimmons

    @doctor_throwback is such a hard worker and is able to voice so many different styles of characters! If you need someone that is going to be able to play several different roles along with producing quality content this is the VOA for your project!