Alex Bui

Alex Bui

I’m just a simple voice actor trying to make his way through the voice acting universe

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About Alex Bui


I started my voice actor journey in 2022 and have been blessed with opportunities to work in various independent audiodramas, video games, and animations such as Nightshade Academy, Doomsday Paradise, and The Motley Crew! You can also catch me in the award winning horror audio drama Liars & Leeches and other visual novels and games such as Songs of Thaiya, The Story of a Wanderer, and Vanguard of Avias.

I have trained with various veterans such as Crispin Freeman, June Yoon, Craig Lee Thomas, and Katelyn Gault. I continue to grow each and every day.

Please feel free to check out my demo, website, and Twitter! I look forward to working with you!


Project dependent. I’m aware of the averages, however, with being new I’m still learning the value of my voice.

What Alex Bui is looking for

I’m hoping to be a part of new and established projects so that I have the chance to gain knowledge from various minds. 

  • @viridi-on-youtube

    Alex's Is a fun to work with and is more then happy to do retakes if need. He can slip into any role very well and his performance is never stiff. I recommend them for any project in the future!

  • @justineleahva

    Not only is Alex super talented, but he's fantastic to work with! We've worked together on a recurring project with live recording and direction, and he is such a great scene partner. He puts you at ease in the process and is just a pleasure to work with. Plus, his voice is so crisp and clear!! If you get a chance to work with Alex - do it!

  • @fejrix

    As a newbie I wasn't hoping for the best quality in my first project just something affordable, yet working with Alex is everything I could ever ask for.

    His voice is incredible, he is able to give the characters a unique aspect which makes it fun. As a showrunner I also had small problems with a script, which he helped a lot with too.

    I am looking forward for more projects with him, and so should you :)

  • @toxicure

    A talented VA who is great at following direction and giving his all into lines. Fast and great at communication - a pleasure to work with and animate! 

  • @doctor_throwback

    So proud of this guy right here. He should be at the top of everyone’s list! His voice can be whatever you need for your project. I’m so happy to say I have worked with him on a number of projects and can’t wait to see how much higher this rising star can go!  “That’s my Bui!”

  • @dcooper

    Alex is a very talented voice actor. I'm glad to have known and get to know him. He's a gentile kind individual able to get his job done on time. 

    Horimiya episode 3 that's why it's Okay Fan dub.mp4 - Google Drive

  • @wafflesaretastee

    absolute slamming va, great delivery and audio quality, always! gets lines in wayyyy before the deadline. generally just a pretty chill dude who's good at his craft. 

  • @mdprime

    Alex is a talented individual whom I've had the pleasure to work with on a number of projects and not only does he have a lot of pride in his craft, but he's also just a chill dude to have around. If you haven't hired him as a VA for your project yet, then you really need to!

  • @thekikkakibaz

    Alex voiced three different characters in my game project and he absolutely nailed it! The emotions were really on point given the need of expressing with very few words/interjections. The capacity of doing different pitches was also something that lead me to cast him and I was right to do it!! Not to mention he sent the lines really fast. It was a pleasure to work with him!

  • @Wyatt_bowden314

    How to describe Alex. A peer. A colleague. A fun person. A genuine talent. A friend. I enjoy the life Alex brings to everything they touch. A true energetic personality and someone who is so passionate about their work. So grateful for everything he does for me

  • @jt424

    Alex voiced Brad, a drummer and a famous rock band. and Spencer. the band's manager, in my audiobook "Rock and a Hard Place." Alex was great for a few reasons. First, he gave both characters distinctive voices and personalities. He gave Brad a semi-high voice and made him sound fun and carefree; he gave ASpencer a lower voice and made him sound stoic and serious.

     Second, he was very professional. He watched the anime series that included the characters that inspired me to create Brad and Spencer. That told me he was very directable and that he was willing to do whatever it took to get the characters right.

    Third, he did me a favor because I couldn't find the right voice for both characters. I know it was a lot to ask him to voice two characters, but he took the challenge head on and was perfect! :) Alex is very talented professional and hard working. I hope he gets many voice over roles in the future.

  • @ant0on

    Alex does great at pulling off an innocent, yet strong, voice. He was a pleasure to work with, and I hope others give him a chance.