Neil Simmons

Neil Simmons

Well... I do voices!

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About Neil Simmons

Creating characters, performing voices, and collaborating with other creators are my goals in life. I am an American Male in his 30s that can perform mainly anything from a mid to deep-ranging male voice (including accents) to monsters, creatures, and animal sounds. My background is in music and performing around the US with my former band but now having a family I am able to focus more on at-home work such as VO. 

I have two rules I try to follow whenever auditioning for a project.

#1. I will not swear in any dialogue and will often ask to substitute whatever expletives may be listed in the dialogue.

#2. I will not participate in any dialogue or scripted scenes that are considered NSFW.

If you would like to contact me you can reach me through email and Discord.

Gmail: yesterdayasneil

Discord: yesterdayasneil#0915


If you’re interested in bringing me on for a paid project I’d be happy to negotiate a price based on whatever you can afford. I generally prefer to do a price point of $0.10 per word but would be willing to talk about pricing with the project directors/creators.

What Neil Simmons is looking for

For work, I mainly focus on voicing film/tv, video game, and narration characters however I am absolutely open to other opportunities to create and produce great-sounding audio productions/performances. 

  • @aredgrave

    Neil is a man who takes voice acting and audio engineering/production very seriously! 

    Not only does he have one of the darkest and most richest baritones I have ever heard–one that could shatter glass–but his acoustic treatment and setup is very well put together, ask him for some RAW audio, and you will feel like you are hearing the finished product already!

    I feel kind of embarrassed as an audio engineer, when I discovered that this man had actually already done a great chunk of my own work for me, on his end.

    In addition to being a studio buff and an expert with machines, and software, this guy is excellent at taking on board instructions, and can perform exactly as you tell him to! 

    I was fortunate to have had cast him as Zalbaag Beoulve in my group fandubbing project for the RPG strategy game, Final Fantasy Tactics, but I fear that before long, this man will be working under contract for a professional company before long and will not be available to take part in any voluntary fandub projects–so all I can say at this rate is, to anybody out there who is thinking of asking him to work with you, hurry up before he starts issuing rates!

  • @tylerdbz

    Neil is a hardworking and passionate director. He was very supportive of others and overall, a very positive and friendly person to speak to. I highly recommend others to work with him and help him with his amazing projects. I hope to collaborate with him again in the future!