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About Antolicious

I’ve been voice acting ever since I was in Elementary school. It’s been a passion of mine for a while, and now its turned into a desirable career choice of mine.

When you cast me, you’re getting a hard-working, dedicated, and versatile voice actor. I’ll do whatever you need me to do to assure that your project will be getting the best out of me.

For business inquiries: [redacted]


I’m pretty flexible when it comes to pricing. I will work for free if it is a project I am truly interested in or just for fun. Other than that, my usual pricing is $5-15 per project.

What Antolicious is looking for

I’m looking to help make directors dream projects become true. Any role you give me, I will do my best to deliver, so I want to be apart of projects that have true love and passion behind them.

  • @kitkatgalaxy

    Anthony has helped bring many of my characters to life over the years, and each time he never fails to impress. He is a dedicated and talented voice actor who I cannot recommend enough! You will not be disappointed with his work.

  • @pierce-luigi

    Antolicious is an awesome protagonist and antagonist. He puts so much emotion in every delivery he makes. When I was working with him on Bioshock: Rapture I couldn't get a better Andrew Ryan to voice him other than the official actor from the games. That is how good he is!