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About _TheNerdyGinger_

Hi fellow actors, creators and artists! My name is Mariah. I’ve been acting pretty much my whole life, but I’m relatively new to voice acting! 

I’m currently trying to gain some experience and build up my resume. I’m always looking to be apart of new and exciting projects. 
I always appreciate feedback! If you have any questions or want to work with me, feel free to message me! 
Demo reel is in the works and coming soon! 
The dream is to get to voice characters in animation, anime and video games. 
I currently operate out of a home studio that has been sound proofed. As of June 28th, I upgraded all of my recording equipment to a more professional standard. As a result, all auditions recorded beforehand were done so with different recording equipment.

My Social Media’s/ways to contact me:
Instagram: _thenerdyginger_
Twitter: @TheNerdyGinger_
Discord: _TheNerdyGinger_#3466
Email: available upon request

Projects I am currently cast for:

Ace Attorney FanDub | Lisa Basil (itsthepinoyboy)

After-Life Tragedy VideoGame | Lust (HyperCrisis)
BNHA ComicDub | Momo Yaoyorozu  (Malleable Timeline)

BNHA ComicDub |  OC Mitsuyo Hogo and OC Hime Kirishima (Malleable Timeline)

Doki Doki Literature Club FanDub | Yuri (Malleable Timeline)

Final Fantasy Mod | 6 year old boy (Tsunamods)

Gacha Animated Series | Daniela Lopez (NotZoeyGachaYT)

Helltaker ComicDub | Luci (Malleable Timeline)

Legends of Myiorda | Shuna  (jalenpia)

Lore Olympus Motion ComicDub | Artemis (Sabtsuky)

Mage and Demon Queen FanDub | Mystery Woman (Malleable Timeline)

Please Don't Bully me, Nagatoro FanDub | Gamo-chan (Malleable Timeline)

Rebirth Webtoon Dub | Mrs. Barron (Zaxtrem)

SunnyShine Funland FanDub | Brianna (Malleable Timeline)

  • @malleable-timeline

    As a director, I believe it is important that the voice actors you are working with are committed and they accept and want criticism so that they can make their work even better. That being said, The NerdyGinger is an amazing and talented person who provides their lines early, great quality, and always wants to know if she can do better. She is dedicated and deserves praise for her work.

  • @silverslipped

    _TheNerdyGinger_ is one of the most dedicated and high quality voice actors on this website because she's extremely diligent and fun to work with. She takes constructive criticism well and adapts to it efficiently. The past projects we've done together have showcased that she's absolutely fantastic as an actor. She's done more than enough to earn her roles and value.

  • @ronmva

    Wow where do I even begin with this recommendation? I've had the pleasure now to work and interact with TheNerdyGinger on multiple projects. She continues to bring an amazing work effort and produce quality takes every time. She's extremely receptive to feedback and is open to try new voices and go outside her comfort zone to produce a voice that is representative of the directors vision of a character. If you are looking for a talented voice actor who is going to make deadlines, communicate, and provide amazing work for every project she is casted in, this is the voice actor for you! Be on the lookout for her as I'm sure she will do very well in this industry.

  • @shinyturtw1g

    _TheNerdyGinger_ and I are working together on my favorite project to date. Even before being cast in the project I had seen some of her auditions and hoped she would be cast. I am now delighted to share now, working with her, that she is every bit the positive and wildly talented actor I thought she would be.

  • @tfassassin

    I was cast onto a project with them and we were the first two people there. Even though it took a while for the rest of the cast in the project to arrive I could already tell that _TheNerdyGinger_ was a very talented voice actress. She puts so much effort into what she does and it shines through her voice acting. I would highly recommend them as part of any team.

  • @scoevo

    I recently started working on a project based on the Webtoon series Lore Olympus with _TheNerdyGinger_ and I don't think that there is enough room in this box for the amount of praise I have for her. Not only is she an incredibly talented voice actor that has obviously worked very hard on improving her craft, but she is also and absolute delight to communicate with and be around. She is constantly supporting and uplifting the other talent in the project as well as laughing and chatting. _TheNerdyGinger_ is also incredibly thoughtful. Completely unprompted and out of the pure kindness of her heart, she invited the cast of the Lore Olympus project to try out to join another channel that she works on to help us with our networking and exposure. As I stated at the beginning, There isn't enough room for me to recommend and praise _TheNerdyGinger_. So, that being said, any project that has the pleasure and privilege of having _TheNerdyGinger_ be a part of it is sure to be an extraordinary success and a very enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • @coledoesvoices

    TheNerdyGinger is an outstanding voice actress in every meaning of the word! I've had the pleasure of working with her in a few separate projects, and she never fails to meet deadlines and deliver quality takes, but also does so with incredible acting prowess and range. You can tell how passionate she is about voice acting, and that shows through the quality of her work! She always is professional, often going above and beyond helping other people and sharing her ideas and expertise with others. I have no doubt in my mind that she will go far with voice acting. She's great to work with and an amazing voice actress!

  • @doctorgrey

    Phenomenal. Absolutely, undoubtedly fantastic. Nerdy is not only an incredibly devoted VA with an impressive range, she also has a deep sense of care and supports her fellow cast members in the most brilliant ways. I'm proud to say that Nerdy is a wonderful performer, a worthy addition to the cast in every sense.

  • @kgreenshield

    I haven't known Ginger long, but I can say with absolute certainty she is an incredibly talented actress. She brings a special energy to a project that you just don't see often. It is contagious energy and it aids in bringing out the best of not only herself but of her fellow castmates as well. Truly an asset for any project and one that I highly recommend. I couldn't be more excited and proud to be working with such a passionate actress. One of the most important parts of being a successful VA is having that passion that shines through in performances and Ginger certainly has it.

  • @maxthatacts

    _TheNerdyGinger_ is a must have for any cast, as she not only provides a stellar performance but she is also an amazing person to be around! A true delight in any scenario and not afraid to give criticism where it counts, making her an invaluable asset to any project.