Voice Actor Specialized in Teen-to Adult Masculine Voices. ADR Experience.

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About RonMVA

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my profile!

My name is Ronnie I’m 26 and I’m just getting into voice acting but I’m eager to learn and very passionate about the art. I have previous theater experience and have taken some acting classes. I’m currently taking Steve Blum’s online classes for voice acting. You can reach me easily through Discord, Twitter, and Email. My phone number is also available via request. I hope to work with you and continue to grow alongside the incredible talent in this community.
Reach me on Twitter
Discord RoxanVT#7134

Currently Casted/Ongoing Works
Nade - (Original Animated Series) - Legends of Myiorda!
Nicholas - (Audio Drama Series) - The Happenings

Rikimaru - (JRPG) - Suikoden II

Justin Flint - (Sims Machinima)Whole New World 

Hanta Sero/Aoyama/Kasui Bakugo - (Comic Dubs) - Fan Comic Dubs

Denki Kaminari - (FanDub) - BNA Manga 

Outa Shinji - (Manga Dub) - Highschool Debut 
Soren Taylor - (Gacha Animated Series) - Celebrity High


Billy Numerous - (FanDub) - Teen Titans 

Leo -  (Comic Dubs) - The Monster Under My Bed 

Zachary Umbra - (Comic Dub) - Show The Stars

  • @2004volkswagenjetta

    Dedicated to the role, excellent team player

  • @barsaris

    I've been working with him on a current project of mine and he's is incredibly open to feedback and takes direction well. I would definitely recommend to other directors out there looking for a expressive voice actor who is dedicated to the roles he plays.

  • @jamesdagesse

    Ron is a very talented aspiring voice actor who has showed an interest and active love for story telling since I have met him. He is someone you would want to work with In collaboration due to being very easy to work with and also dedicated to the final product. Can not recommend highly enough.

  • @neutrino

    Ron is a great guy to work with. His work was done on time and with quality audio. He is diverse in his ability, and open to most ideas. He excels in playing uppity characters, but just as easily can play a laid back friend. Working with him was easy and hassle free, and I would recommend him to anyone.

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    RonMA is a fantastic voice actor with an incredibly positive attitude that makes working with him a truly enjoyable experience. He is always willing to step up and take on additional work/roles and cares about the people he's working with. RonMVA is very talented and is constantly striving to perform to the best of his ability and his voice acting work is a testament to that!

  • @silverslipped

    RonMVA is a spectacular voice actor with an incredible work ethic that puts most to shame. He's been nothing but enjoyable to work with since he can easily adapt to criticism to fully embody the characters he plays. He's a talented voice actor who's definitely earned his keep!

  • @dcooper

    RonMVA is a great actor I was surprise when he pull off that southern accent for one of the characters in my teen titans fan dub. you don't get that many people who can that. I would consider working with him again for future projects. He kill it as one of the major villain's.

  • @providencemg

    An amazing voice actor who always puts forward their best for every role!

  • @dcooper

    Getting to know Ron last year has been great. I love working with him on these projects, I find it fun and amazing to see what he can do to bring a character to life. Ron I don't consider you as a friend anymore. I consider you as a brother. You're family. You always looking out for people, kind and polite towards them to You don't have that many kind people in the world. I am forever grateful for getting to know you. If you need someone to play an teenager or adult characters or etc. Hit up Ron. I'm sure he would not mind the experience. Ron I hope when you become a famous voice actor that you don't forget about me buddy. :)

  • @mollexi

    RonMVA is such a delight to work with. He kindly took part in my series and agreed to play additional characters. He took part in a Yu-Gi-Oh Duel that is pretty difficult to do, but this guy absolutely nailed it! He isn't afraid to go above and beyond for the characters he portrays. He is definitely a hard worker and I highly recommend him!