Bradley Green

Bradley Green

Voice Actor, Writer, Artist

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About Bradley Green

Hiya, I'm Bradley!

I'm a British Voice Actor, Writer, Artist and Historian based in the UK. I'm fully equipped with a home recording studio.

Misha in The Seagull | Dr. Carroll in The Waystation | Rao in The Leap of Ancients

Act One - 2020

Shakespeare Workshops

Instructed by Rosie Paul
The Oxford Academy - 2015

Drama GCSE

Instructed by
Extra Terrible Studios - 2021

ADR Workshop

Instructed by
Private Class - 2021

Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by J. Michael Tatum
Voice Acting Camp - 2021

Trekking the Commercial Trail

Instructed by Krizia Bajos and Scott Holste
  • @thatoddcandy

    It would be hard to find a voice actor as dedicated, passionate and brilliant as DoctorGrey. Every performance that I've listened to from him has this unique air of sophistication that I doubt you can find just anywhere. Witty, eloquent, and truly a joy to communicate with. I believe any project would truly stand out with DoctorGrey on the cast.

  • @shinyturtw1g

    Funny, clever and talented. He brings his character to life in a way I really didn't expect, but am so glad to work alongside and respond as an actor!

  • @tfassassin

    DoctorGrey is a very talented voice actor. Although he is new to voice acting I can see that he is very talented and his skills are remarkable. Talking to him casually and with the project are very fun, his calm and charming personality is very fun to be around. I couldn't choose anyone else to be working on a project with than him. I know that DoctorGrey will become better than he already is, so I would 100% recommend him on any project.

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    DoctorGrey has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. His acting ability is phenomenal and I was taken completely aback when listening to his auditions. I have only known him a very short while, but I am so impressed with him and am floored by his talent. He is professional and hard working. I am truly honored to be able to work with him. I cannot wait to see how far he goes. I recommend him highly!

  • @scoevo

    I must say, DoctorGrey gives Doc Brown a run for his money! I have recently been working with DoctorGrey and he is an incredibly talented and dedicated individual. He has an impressive vocal range and sounds brilliant in everything he records. Any time we communicate be it in the voice chat or text, he's always a pleasure to talk to and with. He is always pushing himself and others to improve and supporting the other members of the project in whatever they do. I highly recommend DoctorGrey for any projects. They will surly benefit from him in all ways!

  • @maxthatacts

    DoctorGrey here is an absolutely awesome choice, that every project should considering hiring! He's a very talented voice over artist, with clear dedication to his craft. Outside of work, he's a blast to converse with with a voice that is very clearly built for this line of employment.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get this man a gig!

  • @eleanor-anwen

    Bradley is a wonderfully talented individual and they are a true pleasure to work with. They bring a vast array of ideas to the table along with giving direct and concise feedback. Additionally they take all direction on board and work with great enthusiasm. I highly recommend working with them to any production!