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About SilverSlipped

Hey, the name's Gabriel! I've been acting somewhat my whole life, but my passion has always been voice acting and dubbing. I'm always looking to be apart of the amazing projects here on CCC or anywhere else. If you have any questions or would like to work with me, please message me on here or through my social media. Thanks for reading, hope to talk soon!

UPDATE: With all my current projects being worked on right now I'm not able to do any Gacha Life animations, thanks for understanding!

My Social Media

Instagram: @silverslippedva

Twitter: @SilverSlippedVA

Discord: SilverSlipped#8068

Email: Available upon request

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    A good voice actor not only has talent, drive and passion but a will to constantly do better and improve. I have worked with SilverSlipped on multiple projects and his talent and voice acting work is of the highest quality. SilverSlipped is a perfectionist that will keep working until they deliver their lines to the best of their ability. He is driven, hard-working, motivated and a very talented voice actor!

  • @ronmva

    I've had the pleasure of getting to know SilverSlipped after consistently seeing us casted for the same projects. He is always willing to put in the time and work to improve his takes and performs well under live direction which is difficult for many new VA's. It's impressive how receptive he is and how quickly he can adapt when given new direction on a take. I highly recommend him to directors looking for a voice actor that is going to put in so much work behind the scenes because of the high standard he holds himself too that he brings to every project hes in.

  • @deleted333550

    SilverSlipped Is an extraordinary voice actor ^U^. He is really fun to work with! He really does work hard on the projects he is in and does a few takes of the lines. Which is a every good thing to do! And I didn't even ask for him to do that. _TheNerdyGinger_ and RonMVA are both completely correct! I am not sure what to say since they both said it all already. And I have to agree on all of it. He is a hard worker, very talented, and is just overall amazing!