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About TFAssassin

Hi, I'm TFAssassin, I'm a fairly new voice actor who started voice acting as a hobby.

Voice actor from California

My voice is medium to medium-low, my voice fits young adults and teens, and preteens.

My Contacts

Discord: TFAssassin#7402

  • @thatoddcandy

    TFAssassin is truly one of a kind. He has such a witty and charming personality, that I doubt there will ever be a full moment when working with him. His passion for what he does is evident, and it shines through in his work and in his warm personality. I personally recommend TFAssassin to any project considering having him on their team

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    TFAssassin is a very talented voice actor with an incredible attitude. He is hard working, easily available if you have any questions and is extremely dedicated! He is an absolute blast to work with. It's hard to find VA's who have such a positive attitude. He is very hard working and possesses a lot of skill! I highly recommend him for any project.

  • @shmeeva

    From the very start, I knew what a fun and upbeat attitude TFAssassin has. Talking with him and working with him has been extremely enjoyable and not to mention, he is so talented at what he does, both as a voice actor and as a member of any project. Do consider TFAssassin for your next project!

  • @keithgaming

    As the leader of Blue Flame Studios, TFAssassin has been top notch awesome at doing his part for my team. He currently is voicing a character for a major up coming series on my channel, and I can tell you one thing TFAssassin has not yet failed to do the following; ignore directions, turn lines in on time, and mess up or forget to do lines. I've had a pleasure working with him, he is truly natural. I am looking forward to working more with her and I am looking forward to see her as Donovan Reckson in the upcoming series; Salvation: Guardians of the Light