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About ScoeVO

I like to think of myself as an up and coming, but I'm at the moment more of an aspiring voice actor. I have a decent theater background that spans from essentially my toddler years to about high school. I love making fun voices and doing impressions of voices and I always have. So I've recently realized how much I enjoy it and have set my sights on making it my career.

  • @thatoddcandy

    Score is simply, just an amazing goofball. Working on a project with him has been absolute joy, and he has never failed to make me smile while working together. I think that any project would be made better, from having such a talented and big hearted person on their cast

  • @tfassassin

    One of the many people who are able to keep up with my humor in a project. ScoeVO is able to make people feel great about themselves and makes sure that you believe you are talented. He is a talented man as funny to be around. I honestly believe he would be a great person to have on a project whether it be an extra or main character, he is a splendid person.

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    I have just recently been cast on a project with ScoeVO. In the little time I have known him, he has shown himself as a truly gifted voice actor with a large range of skill and ability. He is always incredibly supportive of those around him and tries very hard to make sure everyone is aware of their own talents. He is always one of the first to volunteer to help and voice additional characters if need be. I am truly excited to continue to work with him. I highly recommend him as a voice actor!

  • @t0mino

    A delight to work with, honestly. He has a very likeable personality, is consistantly lively and always a joy to have on the team as conversation with him never runs thin. Despite being an extra in the project we work together he puts his everything into his work and is always eager to try for roles with his outstanding voice. I highly suggest hiring if wanting an avid, reliable member to your team.
    He never ceases to amaze.

  • @doctorgrey

    Absolutely fantastic to be around, a truly dedicated actor in every conceivable manner. No matter what, he always turns in a riveting performance and remains humble throughout the production. Not to mention his warm personality is a true delight to be around! I would highly recommend ScoeVO (or as I know him, Lycantis) for your project!

  • @moodycancer

    I don't even know where to start with him! I have so many positive experiences with ScoeVO, but a couple of things stick out to me in particular.
    First, he is an extremely passionate and eager voice actor. For example, in a project we are in together, he is always volunteering to fill any extra roles as needed. He is always giving his all, always striving for the best, from the biggest roles to the smallest.
    Second, he is not only passionate, but extremely talented as well. I can't forget to mention that! I've seen first-hand, with the project we're in, that he has the skill and versatility to take on any role you throw his way.
    And lastly, he is a great friend, always there to chat and cheer you up. I'm really glad I've had the opportunity to work with him and call him my friend.
    I cannot recommend ScoeVO enough!

  • @maxthatacts

    ScoeVO is an absolute pleasure to be around and has true dedication to his craft - His likeable personality, lively mood, and willingness to joke around make him an invaluable asset to any team!