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About ColeDoesVoices

~ Hey I'm Cole! ~

It's been my dream to voice act for as long as I can remember, growing up watching anime and playing video games has always had me wishing I could be a part of the mediums that mean so much to me. I am relatively new at voice acting, yet I've already been lucky enough to be able to work on a few projects with some very talented people and I can't wait for what's ahead! I have a demo reel on the way with mixed clips that have appeared in projects now that I have more experience. Feel free to contact me if you would want to collaborate on a project! At the moment I'm just trying to get experience and build a resume for my dream career that's finally becoming a reality!

 ~ My Socials ~

My Discord  -  Snakebite#5590

VA E-mail  -  ColeDoesVoices @ gmail . com

Twitter -

Website  -  Coming Soon

~ My Work ~

Comic Dubs as various characters on Malleable Timeline Studios -

Gray Fullbuster -

Shoka -

Twice -

Old Man -

Alone - Video Game - as Doctor -

Celebrity High Animation - Ep. 1 - Security Guard -

  • @john-peter

    "ColeDoesVoices" is very professional and even with some difficulties, he did great voice work. It was good to work with him and I would like to work again in the future

  • @_thenerdyginger_

    ColeDoesVoices is extremely talented! I’ve worked alongside Cole in a few projects and in every one of them he meets every deadline, volunteers to help as much as he can and does so with a fantastic attitude. He gets along with everyone and is extremely professional and respectful! His range is incredible and he’s a natural when it comes to voice acting! I cannot say enough good things about him. He’s going to go so far in this industry, I just know it! He truly is a fantastic VA.