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About MondoButtur

Hello there!!

My name's Haylee (She/Her)
I'm 17!

My voice range: I can go from medium to really depends on the character! Although I can do low voices I am not nearly as expressive in them as they are slightly out of my comfort range. 

My singing range: Mezzo Soprano. 

Why voice act???
I'm always looking for new hobbies and after doing my first voice acting role I knew I was hooked. Plus, I think voice acting is a great way to help bring characters to life, and as an artist and character designer, I appreciate that more than anyone! 

So...What kind of VA work will you do??
Anything! Just give me a holler! Keep in mind, however, that I will not do anything overly sexual. If you have any questions as to where my line is please send me a message with the part of the script you are worried about and I'll get back to you ASAP. 
Hope to be hearing from you ✧

  • @mikantsumikiwi

    They were very fun to work with, they also can sing pretty well and they voice use to voice Asahina a lot for my project at danganpocalypse.

    She was very helpful and sometimes send her lines in very much high quality.

    Not only that, she was a very supportive person in our team and i am wishing her the best for her future work.