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A.J. Talley

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About A.J. Talley

Hi there!

I'm A.J. Talley. Since I started auditioning in September of 2020, Casting Call Club has been a platform for me to truly engage in something I’m truly passionate about in voice acting. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, and I’ve gone from using my laptop mic in my kitchen to a fully treated home studio. This community has been uplifting and supportive and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I specialize in deeper voices, authoritative tones, and can cover a range of male voices from teenager up to senior. I can easily perform gruff, raspy, rich, resonating, and smooth deep voices that tend to fit characters like fatherly figures, mentors, and villains. That said, my range has increased with experience to fit creatures and characters of all shapes and sizes.

Some of my significant past roles include:

  • Voiceover for YouTube’s Ryan Trahan (local newscaster, Shrek’s magic mirror)

  • Several roles for Legion TD 2 (Pyro, Fire Lord, Bone Warrior, Bazooka, Hades, Warg)

  • Commercial Voiceover for Cheeseburger Chain, Cheezly’s (southern accent)

  • Father Figure for Medical Ad (Normal speaking voice)

This is my passion, and I'm looking to gather more experience. Moving forward, I am looking to prioritize paid roles, but please don't hesitate to reach out if you're considering adding me to a project.


$.10 per word, but flexible on rates.

What A.J. Talley is looking for

I am emphasizing paid work at this point, but please feel free to reach out with any opportunities - this is my passion and I’d love to help bring your project to life!

  • @formulafanboy

    A.J. Talley is an excellent voice actor. He provided exactly what I needed from him for my videogame. He communicated very well, and he made himself available on extremely short notice. I would love to work with him again! Highly recommend. :)

  • @DrakeOst

    A.J. was my opponent but though our recent western themed project, we established a friendship. Was an absolute pleasure to go against you in writing but work with you in acting. Couldn't ask for a better dueler.