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About Abitat

Preferred name: Abbie

Pronouns: She / Her

Age: 22

Occupation: Medical Student

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Puzzles, Gaming, Zumba and VA-ingĀ 

Likes: Animals, The colour green, Soft rock music, Vegetarian Lasange and Strawberry and Lime Cider

Dislikes; Dark colours, Too much noise, Strenuous exercise, Steak, Coffee

Fandom interests: Professor Layton, Your Turn To Die, Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Danganronpa

Like I said, I am just a rookie here so I'm excited to meet and hopefully get to work with some awesome talented peeps! :D

  • @keybladeali

    I auditioned for Abitats project and was amazed at the level of feedback she offered each person who auditioned. She provided me with great insight into her characters she wanted to bring to life through voice. Although I did not get the part, I want to recommend Abitat for the level of professionalism she has shown towards her project and the people who have shown interest. I hope to see her project implemented and look forward to future casting calls from her.

  • @deleted296738

    I auditioned for Abitat's latest project and found her organization and professionalism to be stellar. The time she took to give each and every person advice/direction was nothing short of a class act. I can only hope one day I'll get an opportunity to work with her in the near future. Thanks Abitat!