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Turgize VA

Just a friendly guy who likes to have fun! Dreams of one day to be a professional voice actor. Hope we can get along and work together! (PFP by Cranberrymelody)

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About Turgize VA

Hello! My name is Melvin Polanco and I'm 21 years old. I'm an aspiring voice actor! What I use to record are...

-Microphone: Audio Technica 2035 (AT-2035)
-Interface: Solid State Logic 2 (SSL 2)
-Recording Software: Audacity

-Room Treatment: N/A

-Other Equipment: Isolation Box & Blanket

I use He/Him pronouns and I do a variety of voices, ranging from deep to medium high. It would be an honor to work with you and if curious about my past work, you can check me at my card.co which is right here!(https://turgize.carrd.co/Nice to meet you all and it's a pleasure to be here!


ANY! I do it VO work mostly for fun but I will audition for paid things as well!

  • @makototsubaki

    This man is one of my best friends, he is so funny and so energetic with each project he is involved with and it's amazing. 

  • @mickey_va

    Turg is a great VA (despite what he says) and he has a unique ability to capture a character like no other. He’s extremely easy to work with and super positive and talkive. A good manager/va to have in your team

  • @tyleris123400

    My man Turgize V.A, is a very talented VA. I've been working along side him for my personal DR. project (Among a few other projects) & he is always there with a simile on his face, ready to get things done no matter what it is. He always is willing to give his all in every audition he dose and I'd defiantly recommend this amazing person in any projects you may make.  

  • @roxcoord

    Literally Bryce Papenbrook.

    Jokes aside, Turgize is a very passionate voice actor and for sure is not a one-trick pony. He is a very creative person and fun to talk to when not working. Despite him being a jokester when not working, he is very dedicated to what he does, and he does it well. When you need lines from him, He is very quick and responsive. On top of that, he is really friendly, so if you ever get the chance, give him a nice hello, and then try to pronounce his name.

  • @cranberrymelody

    Turgize joined my project server as a fan but honestly, I just wanted to give him as many roles as possible because he is also an incredible voice actor and he's so passionate about what he does, he will consistently do his very best no matter what he's thrown into, and not to mention he's just such a lovely guy to talk to and work with, absolute pleasure and I highly recommend him.

  • @rayray07

    Turg is an amazing VA! I've known him for some time now, and every role he receives, he pours his heart out to portray emotions. He's super kind towards everyone, and overall is a great person to work with!

  • @bayometric

    TurgizeVA is mostly known for his roles in DR: Fangans (Protagonist and Antagonist) and other roles in other animated fan-dubs/recreations, but he is more than that. This person is the human embodiment of 1,000,000 in 1. Pitch, Tone, Emotion, Everything.  This man has it all, this man is all.

    If you are considering Turgize for your next project, I promise you, you'll be amazed by what they can do. 

  • @deleted616219

    My man Turg! How cheerful he is, how funny he is, he always puts a smile on my face. His voice is unique and thrilling. He has always supported me and I have supported him also. Even though we can't call outselves best bros. We can atleast call each other friends. 

  • @zandredadonutqueen

    Ugh Turg./pos. OK IN ALL SERIOUSNESS TURG IS A VERY TALENTED VA! Like come on, if you hear a familiar Bryce Papenbrook voice and its not Bryce, its probably Turg. Turg is a stellar VA and he does an amazing job voicing protags. Anyways cast Turg or suffer

  • @ellacrium

    I had originally met this creature named Turgize VA in the Bayometric Universe Voice Acting Discord Server. Originally having no real contact with them. However, soon he had his own project named Danganronpa: Hopes Last Flame, of which I was casted for as the role of Fujio Rachi. So far I have been working alongside him for a little over two weeks and he's disorganized but active enough to be able to help you out with any confusion concerning his work. In short terms he knows how works and can always help you if your confused on how things are organized. Turgize is also a VA of course and from my knowledge has some of the best equipment on the platform. He also clocks in as many auditions as he can consistently landing and finishing various roles. 

    Turgize has a toolbox of skills to pull from to help you in whatever project you would need him for. I whole heartedly recommend Turgize or simply Turg for your projects!

  • @Trina022

    Ah my human punching bag, hiiii Turg. I'll actually be nice to you here, thank me later B)

    As one of the many directors who have fallen victim to the tragedy that is "casting Turg as every single male protagonist to ever live and breath" I can officially say.... It's very deserved. He is really good at what he does.  As a director, he is always ready to work, never submits anything to me late, and is very open to critique when needed. As somebody who works under him in his own project, he's very understanding and an amazing director in his own right. And finally as a friend/co-worker, nothing makes me more happy then when I get to scream at him with no consequence. If you want somebody hard working but still fun to work with, it's this guy.

    I'm never saying anything nice to you ever again.

  • @trashkan

    Really talented guy with a great voice for stuff like Main characters, Villains and so much and he is also really chill and fun to talk to

  • @HeartsBot

    I haven't know Turgize for long, but the time that I have known him has been a delight. Not only is he such a genuine and funny person, he works incredibly hard. Not only does he work hard for the projects he's a part of and/or runs, but he works hard to ensure the people IN those projects are having a good time.

    I highly recommend bringing Turg onto your project because I know he will give it his all no matter what. If you think he might suit your project, reach out to him!

  • @CatsterCatster

    Literally protag. Despite not voicing the protag of my project, Turg has always been an amazing, flexible, and overall talented voice actor! He also makes a good friend! He always sends his lines in quickly and in high quality! Absolute bomb. But he owes me $20 so... (But cast him for stuff anyway)

  • @themanakun

    Here's a little tid-bit to anyone not in the know, but Turgize is actually 5 different people who all act, talk and text in the same way!  How else could you explain his turn-around rates?  When he's offline it's merely one of his body double's stepping in.  You think Turg sleeps?  Guess again! 

  • @crinklrstarz

    HEY EMO BOY.. jk turg.. anways.. turg auditioned for my fanganronpa not for long ago and WOW. Turg is such a talented voice actor and such a role model for sure, hes very passionate about what he does! Its been great to get to know him and Im grateful I can call him a friend. Keep up the good work turg!!!! :D

  • @rayexist123

    Turgize is a kind, and fairly energetic individual. When I listened to his auditions for my project, I was stunned. All his auditions were so well done and actually quite fun to listen to. In the end I cast him as Hyato Ichinose. Highly, HIGHLY! Recommended him :)

  • @fiftyseven

    Dudes in every project possible. Him just being near your project makes it ten times better.

  • @gomaboy1830

    Was super friendly and submitted their lines very fast! I would wholeheartedly recommend them if you want quality voice lines without having to wait for a long time! 

  • @for-the-love-of-despair

    So, to start off...hello Melvin, I know you're seeing this :3
    Anyways, I've not only worked with Turg, but also have directed him in numerous projects, and he is a stellar, wonderful VA to have worked with. Always turns his lines in as soon as he can, consistent and clear when communicating with others, very receptive and easy to work with in live-directing sessions, and generally is an extremely talented voice actor, who can easily grasp any role (with a little help here and there :3).

    I speak of this, not just as his partner, but from the unbiased perspective of a director and collaborator (I pray I'm spelling that correctly), and will continue to reccomend Turg for any projects that I am part of that need masc VAs for roles, as he's just that good.