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  • @CatsterCatster

    hi trina ily

    guys this is my best friend TTrina, Trina is a really good friend and director, she always brings a lot of fun and professionalism into any project she enters, she's the bestest person and you guys should definitely consider given Trina a chance

    um but when we were in high school she used to shove me in easy bake ovens and laugh so... (but still give them a chance pls)

  • @turgize

    So... Trina... SHE'S SO AMAZING! I have worked with her and been directed by her and she always gives her all. No matter what troubles I have she's there to help and her voice over skills is just OUT OF THIS WORLD! Able to capture the characters like nothing and she's amazing when doing angry expression, I cannot recommend her enough.

  • @zandredadonutqueen

    Trina is an absolutely amazing human being and is very on point with everything she does. Genuinely, I aspire to act as professional as she does and her voice acting is spectacular! She is a very cool person and you should cast her because she’s extremely talented ^^

  • @HeartsBot

    For all the insults and swears we throw at each other, Trina is absolutely one of the most hard-working people I know. They give everything they have to anything they do, whether it's appearing as a voice actor, making sprites, writing or helping manage a project. 

    Their skills, vocal range, personality and sense of humor make me firmly believe there's not a single project that wouldn't benefit from having them in it. Not only will they help make a project come to life, they'll give life to the people you work with by making every day just that bit more enjoyable. 

    Honestly I could rant forever about them, but that'll do for now. If you think they might fit your project, I highly suggest reaching out to them!

  • @themanakun

    Trina's a boss!  How boss? All boss!  She is actually a cyborg from the year 20XX, sporting an impressive range, Quickest turn-around rates in the west and the ability to morph into any person you could imagine!  And best of all, these features are not the results of advanced robotics, A puddle of radioactive waste or an alien mutation, but true and sheer raw work ethic!

  • @v-meister71

    Being a peer with them and managing them, Trina is very good to work with. Lines were turned in at a timely pace, and their voice work is an A+ for certain. Overall, Trina is a good fit for your project on all levels, thus making them very recommendable.

  • @Jolleh

    Okay, I don't even know where to start. Trina is one of the nicest people ever, along with a really talented voice actor and director. I highly recommend them.

  • @beablyboygaming

    Trina is absolutely amazing! She was casted as Sayaka Maizono in a Danganronpa: The Animation Fandub that I was Co-Directing and she got her lines in relatively quickly.

    She's super easy to get along with and nobody in the project had any issues with her.

    I'd highly recommend you consider casting her if you need a role filled!

  • @atomaly

    Ah, my fellow co-creator of Salvation's Fears! Well...she's more than that. With confidence and the fact that I've known Trina for possibly 3 years now, I can say that she is an astonishingly talented and great person. Easily, she's one of the most hard-working members of any group, if not the most. That vocal range terrifies me in a good way, and her creativity is so surprising she's able to turn a story amazing with just a few words and the mere use of brain, which I think she has perfected. I said, she was and still is an amazing friend and human. She was there when I needed her to be, and I can't thank her enough. 
    A great person.