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Ray Exist!

Peace Be Upon You. // PFP BY ISH <3

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About Ray Exist!

Hello! I'm Ray. I'm an Afghan-Canadian Voice Actor, Director, Artist, Writer, and Animator.

DM for business inquiries


Characters I voice/projects I'm in:

Riera - Main Antagonist in Awaken Ultima

Zane - Antagonist Wood Land

Limonea - Main Protagonist in Darkness And Light (My project)

Vince - Supporting Character in Starlight The Truth

Everlee- Supporting Character in Starlight The Truth

Chloe-Main Protagonist in Starlight The Truth

LORELAI - Killing Game Overseer Danganronpa Project: Asteria (My project)

Splash Artist For Danganronpa: No Escape

Sprite Artist For: Danganronpa: Despairful Melody

Mina Yukimura - Danganronpa: Despairful Melody

Lotus Hirai- Ultimate Violinist -Danganronpa Project: Asteria (my project)

Yashiro Oki- Ultimate DJ - Danganronpa: Boiling Point

Yamato Kisaragi-Danganronpa Another: Abridged

Mikako Kurokawa-Danganronpa Another: Abridged

Rei Mekaru-Danganronpa Another: Abridged

Airaiya Kinobujutsi - Ultimate Ninja - Danganronpa: Corrupted Hope

Dalika Pariko - Ultimate Stalker - Danganronpa: Corrupted Hope

Lessa Giovanni-Ultimate Event Manager-Danganronpa: Double L

Sprite Artist - Danganronpa: Changed Fates

Ariel Yu - Danganronpa: Project Hope

Mahiru Koizumi - Danganronpa: Redeem Rewrite

Miko Maeda - Super Danganronpa Another 4

Kokoro Kikishi - Danganronpa: Murderous Torment


You can name your payment. I'll take whatever you offer even if it's nothing.

What Ray Exist! is looking for

Voice actors,Friends,and Music Producer's.

  • @Jolleh

    Ray is a very talented artist with a large range. They’re a sprite artist for my fangan and they’re honestly really great! Highly recommend!

  • @bloody-tomato

    Ray is an awesome artist and friend! She is very passionate about the things she cares about, and I overall love talking to her

  • @sumiva

    Ray is kind and very passionate about what she does. she helped me with my project's, and I bet she would make your project the best it could be!

  • @sumiva

    The amount of joy that Ray has brought into my Managing career makes me only want to Have her back for future projects! Honestly, she is chill and when you're feeling bad she can help make you happier! she also helped me realize that my voice and anything I do will be appreciated!

  • @90az

    There a great va director and artist there the definition of a jack of all traits

  • @nerdynepeta4689

    Sweet and really nice :3

  • @ahumanehuman