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About Roxcoord

Heya there, I'm Rox. Welcome to my profile!

General Information
Voice Acting Experience: 2 Years

Language: English

Vocal Range: G2 - C4  ["Medium Low" - "Medium High"]


Contact Information

Email: Cloudsmovesoftly @
Discord: Roxcoord#1761 | @roxcoord 
For more links go over to my carrd

Microphone: Rode NT2-A
Interface: Focusrite Scarlet 3rd Gen
Sound Treatment: Walk in Closet 
Software: Adobe Audition

If you wish to reach out for Voice Acting then please reach out to my discord. Thank you for reading!


Payment through Paypal/Cashapp is preferred
Video Editing and Writing are the two things I will request payment

What Roxcoord is looking for

Projects I would like to work on:
I love working on Original Projects. From Indie Games, Audio Dramas, Video Series, and more.

What I want out of projects:

To see myself grow as an actor with every project and embracing every character I get casted as.

  • @bayometric

    Ever since the early days of 2022, me and Rox have been in projects together. If there is anything I must say, he is talented. His range, devotion to character, the magnificence of performance. You'll miss out on not considering him.

    I promise you, he is worth it!

  • @ruvynn

    I haven't known Rox very long, but having shared similar projects I've seen he is a very dedicated individual. His work is compelling and shouldn't be looked down upon! His talent and range have proven to be one of a kind. Other than his spectacular voice acting, he is very creative and fun to work with! If you ever need someone to voice your angtsy character, he is qualified.  

  • @gaynoises

    Roxcoord is genuinely a talented VA and a great addition to any project out there. His talent amazes me, he is so chill and patient with events or scheduling and is all around an incredible person to work with!

  • @bayometric

    His name was Roxcoord, he was a voice actor, with brunette accents in his hair and a hoodie strings down to there. He would do impressions and do the Dig-Dug. And while he tried to be a star, Slade always tended from a far cross the crowded floor, they were on from 9 till 1 (am) , They were young and they were best bros with each otha'. Who could ask for more?

  • @turgize

    The one and only Roxcoord. This man right is is superbly talented and an amazing friend. I work with him on many projects and is one of the nicest people I know. He will always give his all when working and is extremely helpful. 

  • @makototsubaki

    Rox is incredibly kind and extremely creative with smaller ideas that makes Primetime what it is.

  • @MusicLife365

    I've worked with Rox on a couple of projects, most recently Tetro Danganronpa: Pink. Rox has always been very professional by doing his lines on time, if not earlier than expected, while doing multiple takes for variety. Rox is a pleasure to speak with both as an individual and as an actor. He's great to work with and the dynamic with him between the actors themselves and I would recommend him for any project that's searching for actors. 

  • @BrutherJoker

    Roxcoord is a very skilled person and a great Voice Actor and person. He's very determined in his craft, and, as I said, very skilled in voice acting and video editing. He's a very cool dude too, he's nice to people, he's hilarious, he's a person who, while liking to work, also likes to have fun as well. There are many pros about Roxcoord that I can't describe into words, but one thing comes to mind, I highly recommend Roxcoord.

  • @ellacrium

    I had originally met Roxcoord in a VRChat lobby where we had become fast friends. However unbeknownst to me a year later I would be in a Project with him, named Danganronpa: Hopes Last Flame as well as a peer within the Bayomentric universe voice acting server. I have now beem working along side Roxcoord for over 3 months. I think he has genuine talent for this type of medium that being Voice Acting, alongside his other works he does from my knowledge including general Video Editing. From all I have seen of Roxcoord he is a very fine individual to work alongside the fact he has always put the biggest amount of heart into what he does, If you ever need a Voice Actor or Editor Rox here, is your man.

  • @CatsterCatster

    An AMAZING voice actor! Rox is an amazing and cheerful guy and always sent his work in quickly with high quality! He's a perfect fit for almost any male roles! Very flexible!

  • @jubfeathers

    I directed Rox during the production of Tetro Danganronpa: PINK over a nine month recording production period. I can easily say that Rox has been one of the most talented and professional voice actors I’ve ever worked with. During my time directing him, Rox demonstrated an incredible amount of skill and willingness to grow as an actor, developing a thorough understanding of both his role and how he was meant to perform it. Rox regularly went above and beyond to provide the best possible performance, diligently working to improve his means through trial & error as well as experimenting with new methods of acting and delivery, all while processing and integrating my feedback extremely professionally. Rox regularly looked to take on additional work in my project, demonstrating his eagerness to contribute and greatly aiding me as a director and producer in the process. Rox is incredibly talented, incredibly professional and incredibly pleasant to work with, and I would highly recommend him to any director considering him for a role in their own project.

  • @cril

    Rox ability and range of voices works extremely well for Wada Masanari in Tetro Pink. Not only is he a great voice actor, he is also a great assistant director who helped keep the project running smoothly. His professionalism when it comes to working on a project is amazing, and you would be missing out by not taking him in for your project.

  • @pancakeking

    I worked with Roxcoord on Tetro Danganronpa: Pink, where he was a voice actor for said project. If you're looking for someone who's able to display a wide variety of emotions and is able to be professional but also casual at the same time, Roxccord fits that description perfectly. There have been times where his performances would genuinely surprise me because of how astonishing they are. He is extremely dedicated to any work that he's been given and will communicate very accordingly. Overall he just brightens up the place whenever he's around. Working alongside him was a very fun experience and I highly recommend him for any project.