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About CatsterCatster

- My name is Catster, but you can also call me Roxy or Tendrite.

- Most likely younger than you. (16)

- She/They/It/He/whatever you want sweetie

- Voice Actor

- my Discord is catster6952

- If you're auditioning for my projects just know I'm not a professional. (And plus you'd be working with a 16 year old but ive already said that)

  • @Trina022

    As somebody who is both a director for a project Catster is currently in, as well as a fellow VA who frequently works alongside them, they are insanely talented and amazing to work with. (Not joking, I didn't know what their "normal voice" sounded like until after I cast them in my project and it was a genuine jump scare.) They manage to get high quality work done in a reasonable amount of time while also being joy to any project they take part in. 

    10/10 would gladly shove them into an Easy Bake oven again /ref